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The resistor is a key part of every circuit. There are resistors in series and in parallel circuit setups. The resistor smd assortes are used to make sure that the flow of electricity remains under control. This prevents damage to any components or devices. They come in different configurations, sizes, and specifications. For business owners, having a wide variety of these electronic components in stock is important. That's where can help you. Contact international suppliers for wholesale resistor smd assortes, rheostat, and other electronic components for your business.

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Browse through offers for wholesale resistor smd assortes, potentiometer, ballast resistor, shunt resistor, and other types of electronic components for your business. Different resistors have different specifications in certain parameters. Some of these parameters are resistance, tolerance, and temperature coefficient. They are categorized through a resistor color code. This 4 to 6 stripes code is imprinted in the resistor's body and compared with a table or sheet to get the exact measurements for each parameter.

The resistor color bands cover the whole spectrum of colors, from black to green, or yellow to silver. Each resistor color has its own meaning in context. A 10k resistor color code with 4 stripes, for example, has the colors brown, black, orange, and silver. The first three represent the resistance value, and the last one is the tolerance. Other resistor smd assortes can have more than 4 stripes.

It's possible to form various types of circuit configurations with resistors in series and parallel. A couple of resistor smd assortes in series can act as voltage dividers, a simple circuit utilized to decrease the voltage. A light dependent resistor is a kind of variable resistor that changes its resistance according to the intensity of a light source. The brighter the light, the more photons reach the electrical resistor, decreasing its equivalent resistance. This is great for light-sensitive devices, such as alarms, sensors, and illumination controllers.

On, you have access to wholesale resistor smd assortes, LED resistor, motor blower resistor, and much more. Buy wholesale electronic components from international suppliers online.