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Despite the fact that most of us don't think we find motorcycle body airbags often, the surprising fact is that we may fail to detect it even when a rider is wearing it right in front of us! That's because a motorcycle body airbag usually looks like a wearable vest or jacket, most people may simply mistake it for a stylish or even slightly bulky motorbike jacket. Discover a full range of different types and models of these tank motorcycle drag from Alibaba.com now, order wholesale tank motorcycle drag from the platform, and benefit from wholesale discounts straight from the vendors and manufacturers!

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2021-06-13 23:18:14


La calidad es adecuada para nuestro mercado. Clientes satisfechos con la calidad, entrega. Como agente en México y Latinoamérica. Siempre solicitamos alta calidad y buen servicio. MOTOGO es un proveedor calificado de China. Hemos cooperado más de 2 años. MOTOGO es la primera opción. La esperanza puede funcionar a largo plazo. De todos modos, incluso tenemos algunos problemas en nuestro negocio. MOTOGO siempre puede solucionarlo de forma adecuada y rápida. Es una cooperación empresarial feliz y armoniosa. Debido a la situación del coronavirus, cada vez más personas utilizan el transporte privado, por lo que el mercado se vuelve cada vez más activo. Las motocicletas también son herramientas sencillas para hacer negocios. Es fácil y bueno para la gente normal. La economía se ve afectada por COVID, la gente no puede permitirse comprar productos de alto precio. Necesitamos que MOTOGO pueda ofrecernos el precio más bajo y buena calidad.


2021-06-13 23:11:16


Quality is suitable for our market. Clients satisfied with the quality, delivery. As we are agent in Mexico and Latin America. We always request high quality and good service. MOTOGO is a qualified supplier from China. We have cooperated more than 2 years. MOTOGO is the 1st choice. Hope can work long term. Anyway, even we have some issues in our business. MOTOGO always can solve it properly and quickly. It's happy and harmony business cooperation. Because of Coronavirus situation, more and more people use private transportaion, so the market become more and more active. Motorcycles are also simple tools to do business. It's easy and good for regular people. The economy is suffered by COVID, people are not afford to buy high price products. We need MOTOGO can offer us the lowest price and good quality.


2021-08-09 22:45:43


The shop, which only makes harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, is very respectable and has been around for 10 years. Other motorcycle parts also have, but less, the main product is Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, and the product is very complete, if you are also harley-Davidson motorcycle parts buyer, recommend you to see


2022-03-01 20:15:33


safe and reliable, it has good endurance, it has good engine performance. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product. I highly recommend this seller


2022-04-10 11:36:38


Good product and much cheaper than main dealer. Here in the UK, main dealer wants 4x the price!!!. Very good customer service from seller


2022-02-08 19:04:14


muy buen servicio ,y buena calidad de sus productos y lo mejor que te lo manda al instante de hacer el depósito


2021-08-26 21:40:02


Thank you very much! it was very good communication!


2022-02-03 10:17:07


Quick shipping great quality will order again soon


2021-03-05 23:21:03


very professional of products and serice very good


2021-04-23 09:00:09



About products and suppliers:

When it comes to motorcycle body system protection, there are two types: wired and wireless. The wired type refers to those with a tether cord, while the wireless version refers to those without. On top of that, motorcycle body airbag apparel comes in a variety of sizes and designs, including vest-only body airbags and full-body airbags for motorcycle riders. A motorbike body airbag with a tether connection or a wired version is usually less expensive. In the event that a biker is thrown from or separated from the motorcycle, it deploys a built-in Co2 cartridge that inflates a motorcycle body airbag that tethered to the motorcycle.

Wireless body airbags, on the other hand, do not have any cords attached to the motorcycles, as the name implies. It works independently and relies on a suite of motion and GPS sensors, such as a gyroscope and accelerometer, as well as built-in microprocessors, to produce a state-of-the-art apparel that detects a fall or accident and immediately activates an airbag. Although both tethered and wireless motorbike body airbags should be checked routinely as part of maintenance and for reuse purposes, most wireless body airbags require regular servicing from the manufacturer.

Now, let's view the various wholesale tank motorcycle drag options available here. Thanks to the deals and discounts provided by multiple sellers, you can easily find tank motorcycle drag you're looking for. Remember that a motorcycle body airbag, whether connected or wireless, should be able to deliver instant inflation to protect the motorcyclist's vital body parts such as the neck, shoulder, spine, abdomen, and chest. So, start looking for the necessary safety gear for a safe motorbike ride right now!