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Children tend to spend many hours playing on the floor. Some of them prefer to do so as it is more comfortable, and they may be too small for any furniture to suit them. Others may still be learning how to walk. For these reasons, thick foam play mat tiles are seen as a necessity and can make an extremely lucrative business in the children's market!

Find a wide variety of tummy time mats or water play mats, foam mats, outdoor play mats and more on Alibaba.com! These activity play mats are usually colourful, non-toxic and very durable for children. They serve different purposes too!

As their name suggests, tummy time mats are used to change babies and toddlers' diapers. They are easy to keep clean and to wipe after usage. These help to make things a lot more convenient for parents and are a must-have!

Foam play mats, foam ABC mats or infant activity mats are meant for toddlers and young children as well, to line the floors of their play rooms. They can be great for preventing nasty falls and for keeping children comfortable while playing with toys and building blocks on the ground. Some of them can be fixed and removed easily like jigsaw puzzles!

Some parents may wish to buy sensory mats. These are said to have a calming and therapeutic effect on both adults and children. Each part of the mat has a different texture. These can be good for children with autism or even those without, as they develop the children's senses and stimulate brain development.

For children who are musically inclined, piano play mats may come in handy. They can prevent scratches on the floor!

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