HELP! my green spotted puffer fish puffed up but isn't moving and isn't/didn't unpuffing / unpuff !?

Question time:Fri Sep 14 01:16:11 CST 2018

well basically... my green spotted puffer fish puffed and hasn't unpuffed and hes not swimming the current of the water is just pushing him around. he floats around but does not swim or move on his own, his fins do not move. is he dead or should i wait a couple days or what? its a fresh water puffer fish and i...
well basically... my green spotted puffer fish puffed and hasn't unpuffed and hes not swimming the current of the water is just pushing him around. he floats around but does not swim or move on his own, his fins do not move. is he dead or should i wait a couple days or what? its a fresh water puffer fish and i knwo its suppose to be in brackerish water so yes i do have salt added in the tank. what do i do? it puffed up jan 1 2010. does anyone know what to do? is it dead or should i wait a couple days? PLEASE HELP
ive captured him with my net, no response, ive picked him up, no response. i don't know if i wan't to put potatoes in my tank, theres other fish in there and i don't know what potatoes will do.
Update 2:
im sorry i thought it said potato not peas, i will try that right now

Jan 01 2010 9:30pm

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They required to eat a carnivore diet , either frozen or freeze dehydrated foods such as brine shrimp and bloodworms . They also required to eat live , entire snails . I ca n't emphasise th's enough . Go to a pet store and are applying for some of their pest snails . They have to be about the sized of your puffer 's eye . The snails will assist keep your puffer 's teeth worn down ; otherwise , they 'll overgrow like a rodent 's and the puffer will starve to death : ( < br > They need roughly a 30 gallon tank . They 're messy and delicate fish , so be drawn up to do a good amount of water modifications . They also become quite aggressive as they age , so you are able or is perhaps not able to maintaining them with tankmates . Mine is a quite docile puffer and he 's living in a marine tank with a clownfish ; they get along extremely well now , but they did 've got a few skirmishes in the beginninging and the clown 's in the procedures for regrowing a good portion of a pectoral fin ... As the puffer ages , he should move to a higher-end brackish to full marine tank . You required to make brackish or salt water with a salt mixing , not aquarium salt or table salt or whatever different kind of random salt you are able find . < br > They will nip fins and possibly eat little fish , such as guppies . I did well keeping mine with a pleco and thereforeme corydoras for a short time of time , with solely one incident of nipping a cory 's dorsal fin out of curiosity , but recalling that I have a docile puffer . I 've seen some truly aggressive puffers and hear of numerous that have assassinated many tankmates , so it is significant that you use your own discretion in order be chosen tankmates ( if any ) for your puffer . < br > GSPs like a soft substrate ( such as sand ) or something hard and flat to lie on whenever they rest at night . When you turn off the lights , your puffer should turn a muddy yellow brown colour on top and grey to black on his white belly . He 'll slow down and lie down somewhere 's sleeping . Mine gets very grouchy if I wake him up , however , this behavior is ordinary and they like are comparatively coherent day and night period of time . < br > The puffer 's belly ought to be white nearly always . Mine gets `` tummyaches '' if I feed him one big meal all at once duringstead of giving him little meals throughout the day , and he turns grey for a whilst . He also gets cranky and turns gray if I do n't put him to bed on time . The its most important thing the grey belly can indicate is , however , is water quality . If your puffer to continuously gray , you ought to be checking your water parametres per see what 's incorrect . Also , if your puffer is a little bit older and it is still in freshwater , opportunity are he is asking to go into some saltier water . I 'd solely ha mine over the last few months before he went chronically grey -- subsequently I knew it 's time to get him a saltwater tank . < br > They are seemingly very prone to ich , so verify your puffer attentively for the telltale white specks . I has never had troubles with this is , however . < br > When moving your puffer , use a cup to capture him . Netting puffers may injure them . If they puff whilst being netted , they 'll suck in air . This can result in internal is detrimental to poor people creature , and it 'll likely kill him . If they puff while in a cup of water , this is a sign of serious stress but at the very least it is more natural for the fish to suck in water and it wo n't cause such devastating internal harm .


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beME1Y8PTkW Answer time:Fri Sep 28 10:33:20 CST 2018
Green spotted puffers is extremely aggressive and will harass your other f to no end, p e them to the point of death. Not mention the fact that this f gets up to six" in length and will u need a 30 gallon tank. They 're not at all r for c tanks. They 's also brackish f as are mollies.

GloFish are s f and need p of 5+ to prosper. Their a t m they required at the very least a 20 gallon long.
dgxefU67MHysCU4 Answer time:Fri Sep 28 05:28:30 CST 2018
1. they wont do well. GSPare , aggressive f and will u k you other f by chasing and nipping them.

2. these people are brackish water f and ought to be in brackish water ASAP. slowly c it though to not shock the f

3. yea they do puff up but not how n i them to puff up into a ball. these puffers c puff up w eating to e for food. do NOT intentially make your puffer puff. this situation isn't good. my puffer always puffs when eating but thats about it. i don't harass it or anything.

4. 1 GSP need 30gals m they were able get up to s 1/2 inches l

5. they ought to be kept seperatly because of aggresiveness. you are able try housing together in a 60gal tank it is able j but they also will nip eachothers fins if anything.

6. these f recquire a s diet because of their fused teeth. they required c supply of hard foods to dull their teeth.

i have owned s 1 GSP so far for the past few months it h i slightly but nevertheless about an inch l s it's in 1.008 salinity in a 55gal alone it does fine. u to maintaining it in a 10gal with guppies and neon tetra's 1st day they were nipping the f so i h to advance further it. my gsp be extremely active and brightly c you do NOT want a g belly/black. these f is extremely i and friendly after a w
PS6yvufoyEqR Answer time:Fri Sep 28 04:34:38 CST 2018
With all due respect, I don't t that you are able h the conditions necessary of these s f with your present conditions, knowledge, and demeanor. Green spotted puffers can lives up to 15+ years, so you'll know if you're doing a i if they d any time soon. Firstly, these people are a brackish fish, so you'd have to cater to their salinity the needs and have to c a an p s of salt. You should buys a that s salt t for this and test every time you a salt. They produce u s of waste, and you have a very l tank, and you don't have a cycled tank. Thus, although these people are a hardy fish, they is very likely to e severe toxicity d and die. They g up to s inches, they is very likely to e stunted g and d e lives in a 5 gallon c that would be a the is equal to you lives in a bathroom. Try at the very least a f gallon, and provide amply hiding l and f to r the s of aggressive contact. Craigslisting is m for this, just make c that when you meet the person, that you 're asking me them to f the tank so that you are able personally see that the tank can hold water without l before you bought it. You can p find s who will s a 30 gallon for about 30 u if not cheaper. Additionally, you are able have to examine r the a eater because puffers are a highly aggressive species, these people are very i with other f and will t to k n of them (even though these people are much greater than the puffers).
u78SRg1 Answer time:Fri Sep 28 00:35:24 CST 2018
black belis located within tetraodon species of puffers is g a sign that the water p are off, g salinity. Are you keeping in freshwater, brackish or marine?
epiJz9pdM3nOa6jLT Answer time:Thu Sep 27 23:11:46 CST 2018
He will d s if you dont get him in a water conditions.Thats why hes dieing.The dwarf/and reg spotted puffer need s water conditions on a higher PH s o fish.Did you research before you purchase him? Sorry about you Puffer (Its not ICK)
Ty8ElISj Answer time:Thu Sep 27 22:19:58 CST 2018
They are good forr eating water snails.
9mITpNccp1Mw Answer time:Thu Sep 27 21:52:21 CST 2018
I have 2 round belly puffers. how are you aware when the shes p for the e
HU13Uhu3JHC6kS Answer time:Thu Sep 27 18:26:06 CST 2018
First, the green spotted puffer isn't a freshwater fish. At one inch, he'll be fine, however , as he i you'll wish to a him to brackish, and when he's c i he will do b in a full marine aquarium. Keep in mind, aquarium salt isn't s to a a brackish environment. You need marine salt.

Second, puffers have very s tolerance for ammonia. Their gills aren't like most f and t required to to be maintained in perfect water. If you didn't cycle your aquarium before adding the fish, he may not make it. You may e up doing d water c to maintaining the ammonia in check.
M1yV8YOlOS Answer time:Thu Sep 27 09:45:31 CST 2018
Iam not c what f salinity c to in p gravity, but you could try Bumblebee Gobies if they'll survive at that level. I known they g live o with F8s but not c on GSPs..

Not c how you feed your fish, but whatever you t the cube in you could just put in your r and u the r the next feeding. Or it would be e to just buy a sheet of bloodworms and s give what they'll eat, it's u less expensive than the cubes too.

P.S. Your argument for twenty+ years of e f keeping actually works against you, and makes you look e ignorant. Just a heads up.
pKifhnQK Answer time:Wed Sep 26 16:59:25 CST 2018
It may not except flake food. Your b b is feeding it Blood Worms Dried or Frozen.
Mb4RoStwyl Answer time:Wed Sep 26 12:44:34 CST 2018
Find Green Spotted Puffers that are young. Buying a young f e it to a to its e and will give you a l s of time to s with it. Look for puffers with a bright green fluorescent looking spot on their head. This was an indication these people are happy.

Step 2Get a f tank that 's big s for the fish. They 's small, but they required a lot of space to themselves. If you intend to have other f in the tank as well, make c you get a tank at the very least 30 gallons or larger, r on the f you want in there. Avoid other aggressive f -- Gourami, Bettas, some other breeds of Puffer, and other aggressive or territorial f will not be p living together.

Step 3A tank of f gallons will do if you wish s are a few of puffers and 1 other f such as a bottom feeder. Adult Green Spotted Puffers lives in brackish water, which is in between salt water and fresh water. Young puffers required to b out in fresh water. If you c with young puffers, you are able never required to a salt to their water because they can a as l because they are p and have space.

Step 4Make c they have a range of l in their tank. A c set up I have u is a h monolithic aquarium stone in the c (one with holes will give them s to conceal or lay in), with f of v s surrounding it. Puffers is extremely curiou.s. and interactive, so make c they had a lot of space to explore.

Step 5Keep the tank clean, and s the f regularly. Sometimes they will curl into a beveryone and lay on the rocks, which m these people are sleepy or do not believe well. When these people are curled up in this state, they are able loses their spots and colour. Do not be alarmed, as you'li 'm finding that by obtaining their attention they will wake up and their c comes back before your very eyes.

Step 6Feed them frozen brine shrimp daily. They enjoy frozen d that they were able attack and pull at. Green Spotted Puffer f are omnivorou.s. and will eat meats and plants, but tends to dislike most flakes or pellets. It is VERY s to feed them l snails once each week or two. They have teeth that g quickly, and the snail shells breaking through the teeth. Without shells, their teeth will get so l they were able't o their mouth. If their teeth is far too long, you will be required to trim them yourself.
XnaTygTIsnh Answer time:Wed Sep 26 02:35:36 CST 2018
For the b answers, s on this website

Hi I would be shocked if it 's. Captive b is scarce/non-existent The GSP Tetraodon nigroviridis is a c fish. The f t to do is to make c you t have a GSP so you required to take some good pics and go to a GOOD f store or post them on the bulleti boards for a d puffer site. Small puffers are e to confuse and n f s don't c what these people are s
eZ6bOWw Answer time:Tue Sep 25 22:44:17 CST 2018
For the b answers, s on this website

This is some things. The white spots is Ick. It is a parasite. You required to t it with a Ick m that is safe for scales fish. The eyes being white is feasible tocause by bad water condition or i conditions. Do you have salt in the water ? Is the pH high s ? If not it was necessary to be.
X5LykcgV6VtQ9b5 Answer time:Tue Sep 25 16:25:56 CST 2018
Green spotted puffers r brackish water s once full g is required to move to marine water
KjZ8DpQDSflbuSmt Answer time:Tue Sep 25 09:46:14 CST 2018
For the b answers, s on this website

They is extremely aggressive f and will k most tankmates. It's is also possible f to maintaining s with larger brackish water f like Monos, Scats or Archerfish if the tank 's big enough. Ian
w3ybHjHrZzm5JSA Answer time:Tue Sep 25 00:53:06 CST 2018
Green spotted puffers (GSP) have fused teeth which form a beak. This beak i a the lifetime of the fish.

To i overgrown teeth (which will u i the GSP from eating properly) they required to deliver a diet that will maintaining their teeth worn down.

In this respect, foods such as flakes and blood worms will result in dental p in the future (which will r clipping their beaks, a slightly c process).

Great foods for GSP's: Shelled m such as clams, mussels and live ramhorn snails (they'll eat the w snail, shell and all).

Also a are shelled crustaceans such as prawn, krill and mysis. Their diet is feasible to s with d squid cubes, silversides and bloodworms and even raw shelled shrimp from the supermarket for treats. Larger GSP's (they max out at 5" or p 6") be able of d and c live crayfish.
4qowGIz8keWcoSSl Answer time:Mon Sep 24 21:07:16 CST 2018
Get the s food i below and a bag of crushed oyster shells from a farm supply or feed store.

Follow the i for the foods f but s a an e m of crushed oyster shells and m together evenly.

If you have a commercial blender or a Vitamix, you are able a a few raw scallops (human food grade) or raw oysters to the m (around 4 ounces). Don't u the blender to m in the shells. A rubber spatula will work. Mix the human grade seafoodstuffs and the oyster shells first, s p and m in the "Meat Pie" last. Put into sandwich baggies, flatten t thin, and freeze.
PzAkGumfX Answer time:Mon Sep 24 18:21:10 CST 2018
Yes, he will be required that h of a tank. Your f will u be 6-7 inches in length, and theyis very messy eaters an produce a h s of waste. Added to that, theyis very sensitive to ammonia and nitrite in their water, which is a p of its own right w and any decaying food they miss when eating. The volume in a 20 gallon will s d the 'stes. These should s to be maintained in a tank after it's been cycled. If youare not familiar with cycling, I'll post some i for you on that at the end.

As far as feeding, some bloodworms are fine, but they won't eat flakes. What they t necessary is meaty foods like s of shrimp, mussels, squid and such like - you are able get some of these in frozen form at your pet store or even at your grocery. But the p i they have to have is a difficult to maintaining their beak worn down so it doesn't get so l these people aren't able to eat. Snails are perfect for this. You can u the 1.5 gallon as a snail tank and b your own food supply.

Green spotted puffers 's also brackish fish, and they required to have marine salt a to their water - a lesser s whenever they're young to full marine stregth as adults. They should s be in freshwater for a very c time (if at all).

EDIT: In r to your an issue, other u here have reported being able to maintaining them in freshwater s for 1-two weeks before they 're dyingd.
CsUz7pTs5zxfi Answer time:Mon Sep 24 17:31:43 CST 2018
green spotted puffers do not be pregnant, they lay e ... g f who s up and down the walls of a tank are bored with their e unless it is the m following the f up and down ... s they lay up to two00 e on a smooth surface and the m s g them ... i 'm saying s since this h not been my e with my puffers ... the m would make a o *** effort at s the e but unless i , the removal ofm, they would get eaten ... green spotted puffers have not been bred successfully commercially so get those e out and r them :O) i put the e in a deli container with tank water and floated in the p tank ... i a a little bit of water every 2 hours (except overnight) and in 2 days they hatched ... i a quite a number in my l what they n ... get h baby brine shrimp and is envisaged to do so for at least 3 months :O) because as s as the yolk sac is u up in a few days ' time they wish to eat and they required to eat 3 times per day ... it is able be a c because i suppose you have brackish water and the babies are t born in freshwater ... after they hatched i moved them to fry tanks with e sponge filters and did d water c to maintaining the water good ... i put a snail in too and whenever they l k the snail these people are p to eat bloodworms and are i up :O) i 'm not have a video camera when my green spotted bred but my dwarf puffers spawned too and i will i a video :O)
Fecm78mOBkxcG Answer time:Mon Sep 24 13:55:59 CST 2018
5 gallons is t for one b betta. green observed puffers r a greatr tank (30 ish with plant life) c these people are going developed further. Coincidently, I went to walmart in on the i and that that they h like 8 observed puffer f in a single s freshwater tank and that all of them h ICH! how unhappy :(
UxOOh_y Answer time:Mon Sep 24 04:28:08 CST 2018
Its a that those puffers have managed to eat pellets and flake foods. They g s eat frozen and live food. That 'd be like getting a p to b eating grass rather than real food. LOL

Mine eat frozen mysis shrimp, f d krill, frozen clams with shells and shrimp off the market. You can and should feed them snails too, but I never h any luck feeding them to my puffers.

Make c to do your search on the puffers too, because they are not your d fish.
wDI_Qe Answer time:Sun Sep 23 17:10:46 CST 2018
Most puffers will s eat live foods- recalling that puffer f is extremely agressive and should s to be maintained alone. They 's also very senitive to slight water changes. Don't forgotten to do your search! Have fun with your new f :)
w18hu2J_SxB2PBQm1 Answer time:Sun Sep 23 11:24:38 CST 2018
you've been holding them so l and do not favor to l the t to look after them, yet you do not c what percentage snails to feed them, and picture no l a of p them to chow on 9 snails in a n day. and also you toss FW snails r into a brackish tank w/o acclimating them. you l a each and every of the snails, and also you're l they ate all of them so the tank did not get fouis headed by u the lifeless ones. yet, twenty years, youare saying, so that you bear in mind that. pass figure. no l lecturing. s f on the shortcomings a 20 yearer would do.
86yIqsOTWVpPm Answer time:Sun Sep 23 10:28:39 CST 2018
some s of b or parasite get some antibiotics.
im s 14 but i am aware more than you t about aquariums after all i have 350 gallons worth of f tanks
waJDntG4Ij Answer time:Sun Sep 23 09:11:55 CST 2018
puffers 's what 's they call brakish which m that although pet s keep them in freshwater they still need a s bit of salt water. without any salt water the puffer will u die.
Check out this website for more detailed information.
UeJuQdD_udUE4 Answer time:Sat Sep 22 10:55:14 CST 2018
the f guy got this all wrong...
s 1 correct, but any puffer will do as l as you s the living and make you happy(not much v in age of a puffer 1 inch or 2 inch)

s 2 c

s 3(half c only) puffers do b in freshwater, salinity slightly i with age, and at s inch full i puffer living in FULL marine water, not brackish., also, f and extremely bad. puffers live 15+ years if kept p with c salinity. (puffers are c much better p with salt waters(ocean salt , NOT aquarium salt.) Puffers who never have salt a to make a brackish tank, live a on three years, not e 15+ years...AND, a single puffer needs 30gallons to itSELF, if you wish other fish, the rule is 1 inch per 2 gallon(for the a size) such as if a f is 1 inch but a s is 5 inches he should p have 10g tank, Puffers are s aggressive (when older) and they required larger,even if the a s is 6and a o inches. If you wishes to more fish, you required to a more gallons,and n (fake)plants and hiding areas, or those new f will get killed(looked just likely)

s 4, true! good.

s 5, true.

s 6, No, dont feed the same m everyday, they required variety(as you do as well.), mine n loves g food shrimp pellets, the other like f d blood worms, but thier diet ought to be mixed up, and, True! these puffers NEED hard shelled foods such as snails(the s of thier eye) and whenever they are bigger, they are able eat crabs,clams,crayfish,and all other shelled things. puffers required to wear thier teeth down, or only like a rabbit, their teeth will overgrow and they will starve to d
LhHV88YHQ96y6T Answer time:Fri Sep 21 21:39:27 CST 2018
Spotted Tropical Fish
157nrduhE6RVdOrpk Answer time:Fri Sep 21 14:31:14 CST 2018
in fact at the pet store it does say TROPICAL FISH FLAKES on the i g as a food that are able be feed to green spotted puffers. i just bought some l and i v so that i was able to make c to feed them a
pgUmfZlCwwXiuk Answer time:Fri Sep 21 10:52:42 CST 2018
You can find v t of gobies, which does well under brackish condition.

Several species of mollies is in fact found in brackish waters in the wild.

Monodactylus argenteus (silver moony), Scatophagus argus (scats) as well as Toxotes sp. (archer fish) do well in brackish water too, but would r a s more room.

One final thought. Puffers tends to be t bad fin nippers. This is also possible is monitored by making c that they always have a s of snails to eat, however , it's by no m certain, that it'll work.
kTNY2ehsJJGamjX5t Answer time:Thu Sep 20 08:24:57 CST 2018
Green spotted puffers haven't been documented in b in captivity so I doubt your f is with eggs. If there exists no m there won't be any fry. Also, what t of GSP do you have a T nigroviridis? Or a green puffer (mislabeled--T fluviatilis). These are e the same fish. Either you don't have a T nigroviridis or s lied to you about its g name (often happens). Puffers 's also w to have worms, this situation is more than likely the case.
lM6BDmcoRTam4n2_W Answer time:Thu Sep 20 03:02:34 CST 2018
Leave the snail in the shell. The point of feeding puffers snails is that the shell w down the puffer's teeth. You see, a pufferfishes' teeth g continuosly, and if not clipped or worn down free will g t the f cannot eat. In the wild, puffers eat things with shells, like clams, shrimp, and snails. By feeding snails with shells, the puffer can wear down its teeth and you won't have to do any puffer dentistry.

Oh, you are able also crush the snail shell, but l it on the snail.
alWWcefyU68Ndfu Answer time:Thu Sep 20 01:57:50 CST 2018
she will lay e on rocks,
she can have up to 300 e at 1 time
the m will watch over the e
even after they have hatched
they will h between 1-two days
good luck to you
ECf4AOn9M92Ga1o Answer time:Wed Sep 19 16:10:47 CST 2018
I would try blood worms you are able purchased them frozen at most pet s or o lives ones if your lucky, you are able also try brine shrimp
6ceOJZL4 Answer time:Wed Sep 19 10:12:25 CST 2018
Happy Puffer Fish
qRr9M7P8eT Answer time:Tue Sep 18 23:06:00 CST 2018
Very few f is feasible to s housed with GSPs. The f concern would be tank size, unless you have a very h tank, tank mates should not be attempted. GSPs are i "fin nippers" and won't are hesitant to attack even much greater fish. There h were a few s housing them with Tomato Clown f in h Marine tanks.

You could try a few bumblebee gobies.
5u4WhFLp Answer time:Tue Sep 18 17:23:19 CST 2018
Buy i ocean sea salt and m s a s in the tank, p s a l spoon full for the e tank. Make c to premix it in warm water and s a it. Also, did you let the tank cycle? high c t such as Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia could be be built and a him. Do you have a f and a heater? do you have c f and things for hiding and safety? all these are d
mPyv41UqVNgDTuyI Answer time:Tue Sep 18 03:26:00 CST 2018
This Site Might Help You.

what do green spotted puffer f eat?
is it o for them to eat tropical flakes like my mollies?
YRS_d1tKU Answer time:Mon Sep 17 21:04:57 CST 2018
One p i is that GSPare , brackish f when young and s marine f when they've aged a bit...NOT freshwater as n people assume. He is necessary for be put in one 's own brackish tank of at least three0 gallons. As they age they also become very very aggressive so suitable tankmates are c and are on a f by f basis.

You should never be doing that h of water changes. It 're not n and r a e s of e on the fish.

The darkened belly does denote stress. The sunkeness are in fact an indication of internal p in puffers.

Check out this site:

I would do some research on your puffer. Keeping him in a freshwater tank will shorten the lifespan and cause stress.

Good Luck :]
GKDYq1msZ Answer time:Mon Sep 17 05:10:13 CST 2018
no they were able not eat that ... the s c your brother got them to eat that was by starving them but flakes and pellets are t i to feed to a green spotted puffer ... how l did the one your brother have live ??? i 'm a your brother's f a a crappy living and d e ... you want a green spotted puffer for your tank ??? how big 's your tank ??? these f g over s inches and 're not c f ... they r a species s tank that is highly planted, 30 gallons for one f and 55-60 for two ... and these f are freshwater g o but by 2 inches l required to be transitioned to brackish and s full marine water ... they would be r to eat frozen bloodworms, shrimp, krill, no pellets, flakes or l ... they also r a s diet of snails ... green spotted puffers have teeth that c to g and if not given hard crunchy foods the teeth will g t the f were not able o or c its mouth and d from f ... these 're not beginner f ... they take a s tank (live plants, sand substrate) and are so messy a 50% water c is n weekly for life which is f plus years ... and now go e your branother ...
4LLZ6ET1Dep4Oo Answer time:Sun Sep 16 23:17:20 CST 2018
Sounds like he isn't s into h's new h yet.

There 's two t of GSP's fresh water and brackish water greens. these people are slightly v n so you NEED known better what t you have.

Tetraodon nigroviridis are brackish water f not fresh. Brine is a poor diet for ANY puffer. It's low neutritional v and absence of shell makes it simply a treat. Your puffer needs clams, snails, Fish, shrimp shell on for not s neutritional v but to maintaining their teeth filed.

T. travancoricus are fresh water puffers not brackish or salt. You required to know what kind you have

These f 's also w to be lepidophagy

No bright spots on their head 's going to be saidyou these people are p fish.

Stick to your 25% weekly water changes, feed quality foodstuffs and s place them in a well cycled tank.

Chances are your f is getting u to his tank.