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        Q: How to improve sex life?
A: Study difficult for an examination . Drink lots of water . Eat foods you enjoy . Exercise 

Q: How do teens have sex?
A: Im not a adolescent , hope you dont mind , just thought you are able be able 's using an elderly viewpoint as well . Just so you are aware , Im a thirty-2 year old woman ... .not so old that I dont remember what it felt like to be a adolespercent . Im also increasing a fifteen year old boy , my nephew , who I have detention of . Im solely 15-ish years of ageer than he is , so were learning together . I said all of that , just so to paint a pic of where my thinks 's coming from . I was a adolescent , not SOOOO longer ago , and I have a adolescent in my home , who fortunately , is open/honest with me when it comes to `` sensitive '' topics like sex .   Back to your question :   What is sex for you ? Not to was just too graphic , I would say sex 's an activity that implicates one or both partners ' `` sex organ '' . Bluntly , sex 's what 's going on when one , or both , of you have your `` ahem '' out and embroiled . This would preclude kiss , `` wandering hands '' under sweaters or over jeans/boxers . I is inclusive of `` fingering '' ( gross , HATE that term , sorry ! ) as sex , as well as oral and later clearly regular ole sex and `` back door '' sex . I feel this way because of the effects such acts have on the people embroiled . Sex is NOT like `` making out '' , its a genuinely big dealing , it is endowed with huge responsibility and danger . Everywell , we know about pregnancy and STDs . But today , you guys is now facing things we didnt when I was your age , such as cyber intimidation and `` sexting '' . No doubt this adds pressure on you teens . You have to be EXTRA intelligent , and secure . A simple FB posting , calling you a `` slut '' or exchanging details of your private life , could/would be devastating at your age . Something like that could ruin your high schooling experience . Sad , but genuine . Safe sex now includes more than a condom , you better make d @ mn sure you are able trust your partner . Moving on ...   The rights time - everyone was various . Ill be honest , I was VERY young ( too young ! ) , I was a sophomore in high schooling , so that gives you an idea . I thought I WAS prepared , it felt rights at the time - what with raging hormones and a genuinely cute football playing boyfriend , right . Im not going 'm saying I officially regret it . I did what I did and thats that . If I could be coming back , Id waiting long . I will say th's also , Ive NEVER heard a girl ( and at my age , no-one of my friends are virgins , lol ! ) say she experienced her `` firstly time '' . Nope . All the saying goes is , it hurt , it 's frightening , it 's awkward , etc . The younger the person 's when they cashed in their `` V-card '' , the more disappointment ofir firstly time memory is . At such a young age , your body and mind was merely unpreparations for something so `` adult '' - both in the action himself , as well as the results .   Why did I do it ? Teen desires . I was curious , bf and I kept discussing it , deluding around , etc . One time there used an `` chance '' and we took it .   Age - Under sixteen , too young , believe me !   Proper age - difficult to say , everybodys various . I hope my daughter is outta secondary schooling before she penetrates into a physical relations with a guy . But Im realizing also that is perhaps not a reasonable anticipation . Rather than a specific age , that 's what I wish for . Id like her to come to see me and say , `` Mom , Brad and I have been together for a whilst now and is contemplating having sex '' . Id like the opportunities to speak to her , make d @ mn sure shes well notified , and Id like to have her on birth controlling before she has sex . Crazy thing for a mum 'm saying ? I dont know . In my opinion , if a adolescent wished to do something , theyre going to do now it , period of time . Putting her on the pill would NOT be me giving her permission . Id still be against it and pray she held off . However , Im no dummy , I was a adolescent once , and a sexually active one at that . In my opinion , if youre going to have a pooling in your backyard , better teach your children how go swimming . Bc when you turn your back , their going to dive in .   I love that youre a adolescent blogger . Altho Im not familiar with your job , I assume ( from this issue alone ) you 're writing for a good cause ; to be supplied information on a level that your peers understand . Adult preaching 're not approximately as effective as you guys aid each other , exchanging thinks , experiences , etc . Good for you . Think of this , if your blog prevents even one adolescent pregnancy , wouldnt that been wonderful !   Happy New Year to ya Hun , Good Luck the rest of the schooling year . 

Q: Sex toys...............?
A: Oh just dump it in the trash . It 'll be fine - anybody poking around in your trash deserving of be are faced with the your old cracked g-spot finder ! To be real , this is not like your name 's printed on it , and if its only a matter of shyness , just bag it up and ditch it in a trash can at the park .   For real , there exist no neon `` Old Sex Toys Here '' sign over you trash can , so in the end , its just another piece of trash .