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        Q: Who invented the video card?
A: Historians believe playing cards were invented in China where paper was invented as well . Some version of the norms English 52-card deck were subsequently brought into Europe through the Islamic empire . It 's after this that the human figures of the tribunal -- kings , queens and their attendants -- appeared on the card . http : //www.libraryspot.com/know/playingcards.htm The origin of playing cards is obscure ... ... but it 's almost sure that they beginning in China after the invention of paper . Ancient Chinese `` money cards '' got four `` suits '' : coins ( or cash ) , strings of coins ( which may have been misunderstood as sticks from crude drawings ) , myriads of strings , and 10s of myriads . These were resubmitted by ideograms , with numerals of 2-9 in the firstly three suits and numerals 1-9 in the `` tens of myriads '' . Wilkinson suggests in The Chinese origin of playing cards that the firstly cards may have been actual paper currency which were both the tools of gambling and the stakes being played for . The designs on modern-day Mahjong tiles and dominoes likely evolved from those earliest playing card . The Chinese word p�i utilized , to describe both paper card and gaming tiles . An Indian origin for playing cards has been insinuated by the similarity of symbols on some early European decks to the ring , sword , cup , and baton classically portrayed in the four hands of Indian statues . This is a field who are continuing needs research . The time and manner of introducing of automobilesds into Europe are issues of disputes . The 38th canon of the council of Worcester ( 1240 ) is often quoted as proof of automobilesds having well known in England in the mid of the 13th century ; but the games de rege et Regina there cited is currently the believed to be more were probably been chess . If cards were generally known in Europe as earlier as 1278 it 's a very to be noted that Petrarch , during its dialogue that treats gaming , never once mentions them . Boccaccio , Chaucer and other writers of that time specially be mentioned different games but there 's been not a single passage in their works that are able are comparatively construed to be mentioned card . Passages have been quoted from various works , of or relative to this period of time , but modern-day research leads to the assumption that the word rendered cards have repeatedly been mistranslated or interpolated . . 

Q: Where can you buy authentic casino playing cards?
A: I have a deck in front of me from The Bellagio . On the joker , it says The United States Playing Card Company Cincinnatti , Ohio 45212 . 

Q: Vintage Playing Cards?
A: I collect Casino Playing card and I is also possible able to assist in you if you show me an image of what you are describing and demonstrated me an image of the Ace of Spades ( which should have included info such as the dated , for instance , this ( http : //img512.imageshack.us/img512/8121/ ... ) Goldie 's casino card was made in the December of 2001 , and if I see your Ace of Spades , I is also possible able to be said you what dated your deck 's from ) .