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        Q: Dynamo/Generator charger for Bike?
A: Use solar energy instead .   http : //www.google.com/products/catalog ? h ... 

Q: How did Dynamo walk across water?
A: Dynamo - An electric generator , or energetic person .  Walking on water - A middle winter actions in the north latitudes , ice skates find it easier . 

Q: Question on DC Generator (Dynamo)?
A: A dynamo , originally another name for an electrical generator , now means a generator that produces direct current with the u.s.ed of a commutator . Dynamos were the firstly electric generators capable of delivering power for industry , and the foundation upon which many other later electric-power transformation devices were based , including such electrical motor , the alternating-current alternator , and the rotary converter . They are rarely utilized for electricity generation now due to the dominance of alternative current , the drawbacksd of the commutator , and the ease of conversion alternative to direct current using solid state methods .   DC generator is a general term for everything that generates DC voltage . It was applicable to a battery or a fuel cell , though it generally was no . So a dynamo is one kind of DC generator . An alternator with diodes as utilized in automotive 's another type .   .