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        Q: A good professional makeup supply kit?
A: Try ebay .   Mark makeup is an Avon owned company that sells jewelery , handbags , and makeup for teenagers and 20-somethings . Right now the particular 's free vessel with any $ 25 order .   http : //www.BuyMarkMakeup.info 

Q: Makeup Artist Career Advice?
A: Hi ,  I 'm a professional makeup artist and I 've been doing it for around four years now . The way I went about it 's far away from conventional . I decides to take the self-study routing by watching makeup tutorials on Youtube . Well , I ended doing that for around two years . After so much studying , observing and practicing I felt I were ready to take it to a different level .   What truly would have enabled me when I first commencement my career was knowing what industries been in existence for makeup entertainers . I truly unis conscious of the career path I had wished to pursue and blindly are endeavouring to make money by doing makeup on anybody I could . Now I understood that makeup artistry is crucialally comprising of 3 important industries ( with various careers alternatives in each one ) that are :   Cosmetic Retail Sales - retail storing , department store makeup counters , direct sales eg . avon  Personal Beauty Service - salon , spa , or portable  Media Production - films , tv , theatre , commercial photo , live events   The only thing that I knew for convinced when I 's just commenced is that I wanted a professional looking portfolio be demonstratedcase what I has managed to do . I commencement by contacting local photographers and letting them know I was available for free makeup service in exchanging for photos . I contacts as numerous as I could till one lastly reached agreement give me a opportunity . That was quite much where it all got initiated for me because the photographgrapher helped me begin a modelling mayhem accounting and I has managed to connect with other stakeholders in the area . Soon as I ha about one0 solid images in my digital portfolio , people would contact me and 're asking me how much I would charge to do makeup for them . This has been going on for for around four years now .   Although makeup continues to be my passion , teaching others how become states professional makeup entertainers has now become very important to me . I decides to pay it forwards by establishing a extensive guiding for aspiring makeup entertainers . In it you are able taught to jump-start your career in all three industries . I cover all the basics plus more . Its called 'How to be a Professional Makeup Artist - A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners ' . A sampling of it is able be seen on amazon here :  http : //www.amazon.com/Professional-Makeup-Artist-Comprehensive-ebook/dp/B00AZO9KGQ/ref=sr_1_14 ? s=books & amp ; ie=UTF8 & amp ; qid=1357916708 & amp ; sr=1-14 & amp ; keywords=how+to+be+a+professional+makeup+artist # reader_B00AZO9KGQ   Its ultimately my aim to assist in others save time , money and frustration on making their dreaming of doing makeup as a career come genuine . By having a clear-cut sense of direction you are able reach this quicker .   Well sorry for the incredibly long answering lol ! Hope you find it somewhat useful !   Warm regards ,  Gina R . 

Q: Guys: Do you wear makeup?
A: Girls wear makeup strengthening of their characteristics . In my city MANY girls start wearing tons , and tons of makeup in fifth and sixth grade ( which i personally believe is ludicrous unless kneaded to conceal scars or something like that ) but girls like that generally do it to look older . And I believe if the girl liked the guy sufficient she would prob . quit wearing makeup or keep it truly natural looking . But it just depending on who the guy 's asking to quit wearing makeup . I know I would n't quit wearing makeup if I guy I solely met once 've been told he does not like me in it .