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        Q: What is the best way to clean the cloth upholstery in a vehicle?
A: Before you go insane with upholstery cleaner , try some liquids laundry detergent or even SHOUT ( the product as yelling wo n't help ) . Laundry stain remover can be operated on cloth upholstery as well .   Things you will be required :   1 ) Liquid laundry detergent or fluid stain remover like SHOUT   2 ) Sponge ( clean )   3 ) Old tooth brush or larger brush for a big area .   4 ) A quart or so of warm water in the spraying bottle .   5 ) A clean dried towel   -Mix the detergent into a container of warm water . Take the lid from the detergent and put lower than a quarter cap full in with around a quart of water . You dont need much . Note : Most liquids laundry detergent is heavily focused so you solely need a bit . A quarter cup gets a entire loading of laundry done so do n't go nuts with it .   -Test one area first .   -Spray the now sudsy solution onto an area . Let it sit for 1 minute   -Agitate : Using the tooth brush , rub the solution into the stain using circular motion from the center outwards .   -Dry with towel   If stains 's coming out but nevertheless displaying a little bit , try using a bit more detergent in the solution and go at it again .   If you 're bent on using the upholstery cleaner , MAKE SURE IT IS FOR CLOTH INTERIORS . Some are solely for leather or vinyl solely . Use the same step as indicated above but start out with just a small bit of cleaner ... .maybe are a few of table spoons in the spraying bottle and add bit by bit if requireded .   Upholstery cleaners are full of chemical products and if your 1 year old is sensitive she may respond with a rash or something so caution . Try the detergent first . 

Q: What is the best way to clean my car upholstery?
A: Hi  I think what 's happening is the layer of foam is coming up . Seat coverings would be a good choice for you . 

Q: Where do you buy couch upholstery?
A: Get a big upholstery needle and tack it down with heavy threading , it would be lower damaging .