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18 inch latex balloons

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About 18 inch latex balloons

What is an 18-inch latex balloon?

An 18-inch latex balloon is a big rounded balloon. This balloon is made of latex material that is 100% natural. The natural latex material is heavy-duty and so it is durable. In most cases, 18 inch latex balloons are filled with helium which is lighter than air. And so the balloon will remain inflated for a long time. The 18-inch latex balloons have no smell; therefore they are safe to hang even in kids' rooms.

Advantages of 18-inch latex balloons

The 18-inch latex balloons are cheaper than many other types of balloons. They are affordable and so many people prefer them for decoration. When you have a big event and you wish to use balloons, it's advisable to buy them in bulk. Buying 18-inch latex balloons wholesale will save you some money for other uses. It is also possible to order custom latex balloons for your event if you are buying in bulk. Latex balloons are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is, therefore, easy to dispose of them after use. 18-inch Latex balloons are weather-proof and so they can be left outside without any worry.

Types of balloons

There are different 18-inch latex balloon sizes in the market. Large 18-inch latex balloons are mainly used in big events and parties. You can easily stretch and tie them together without snapping. Giant 18-inch latex balloons are easily visible. They are the best for outside events because they light up the occasion quite vividly. Colored 18-inch latex balloons can be tied together with clear ones to make different 18-inch latex balloon shapes for decorations. Clear latex balloons should not be inflated by mouth. The moisture from the mouth makes the balloon cloudy. If you have to use 18-inch clear latex balloons, then use a pump to inflate them.

Black latex balloons can beautifully make striking party themes. They can be bought in packs of up to 100 wholesale. White latex balloons are perfect for mix and match themes. Put together with black latex balloons, they bring out a sophisticated look. Matched with any other color, they will draw attention and transform the environment.