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Gold is such a versatile element. It can match any day, whether it is an ordinary day or a special occasion. With just a touch of gold, it can level up a specific piece of clothing, accessory, and even objects a notch. This is also the reason why most jewelry makers prefer to play with different designs and styles using gold. Aside from it being compatible with other metals, gold is also malleable, which makes it easier for jewelry makers to mold and form them. And as gold varies in karats, prices, luster, and color also change.

What are 18K Gold Necklaces?

Regardless of how many Karats are, gold is one of the most magnificent and sophisticated materials to make jewelry with. This is especially for 18K gold jewelry because aside from it being aesthetically good to look at, they are also considered investment pieces due to the significant increase in value over time. 18K gold necklaces do not fall far from what is described to be one of the best types of jewelry one could own. The yellow-gold color that emits a golden sunset hue is an eye-catcher wherever a wearer goes. Because 18K gold necklace sets are made with 18 parts of gold and 6 parts of alloy, they give off a soft luster and shine, making them look elegant, striking, and vibrant.

Why buy 18K gold necklaces?

18k gold necklaces for women and 18k gold necklaces for men are far more durable compared to 24K gold necklaces. That means that 18K gold necklaces are less prone to getting scratched and deformed. It makes real 18k gold necklaces a piece of jewelry one can wear on a daily basis. Likewise, the 18k gold necklace value tends to increase yearly, so buying one is like investing in something that can be worn and used. Lastly, these necklaces are also fashionable. Because it is available in different styles and colors, like the tri-color 18k gold necklace, one can pair it up with any pendant, accessories, and clothes and still look put together.