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In the fashion industry, accessorizing is one of the most possible ways to bring out the best in an outfit. Be it a plain t-shirt, a pair of denim jeans, or even a pair of stylish sneakers, a well-chosen piece of jewelry could make the entire look becoming.

18K gold rings have a plain and simple look, making them essential for all fashion lovers. And it is also versatile enough to house different designs and styles, as it has been proven to level up a look.

But what are 18K gold rings? A real 18k gold ring is made of approximately 75% pure gold, which makes them less durable compared to alloy-made rings. This is because, by the rules of chemistry, a higher concentration of pure gold means a softer texture, which means that these rings could easily be repurposed for newer designs. That way, a really nice piece of gold jewelry could be the family heirloom.

What are the reasons for purchasing 18K pure gold rings?

Gold is easy to mold and shape. Depending on the concentration, gold jewelry can be pricey compared to others. People who are looking for a relatively stable investment tend to lean more toward gold. Therefore buying 18K gold rings could be a lower-risk investment since it has a higher concentration of gold, keeping their value stable. Likewise, rings made with 18K gold are too delicate for everyday wear. Likewise, if one is looking for jewelry pieces that can be re-shaped or re-made, simple 18k gold rings are the answer because they are softer and easier to be molded into other designs.

What are the different types of 18K gold ring pieces?

There are different types of gold rings available in the market. If someone is looking for a ring under a budget, 18K fashion gold rings could be the answer, as they are only plated with 18K gold instead of the whole piece. Antique 18K gold rings could rock any occasion.