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Nominally, 2x6 is 2 inches and 6 inches thick and wide, respectively. After drying, the width and height of 2x6 wood reduce by half an inch to the actual size. Despite that, the 2x6   board is essential in commercial, residential, and shipping projects and is a lucrative business to venture in. To buy 2x6 wood, density, budget, texture, and type of tree are to be considered. A denser oak 2x6 has tightly packed grains and can resist rotting for several years, suitable for paneling and decking. Focusing on the budget, the price of 2x6 studs is between 5 and 7 USD, while that of 2 by 6 lumber is between 9 and 25 USD per piece. Save on the budget by buying panels and lumber in thousands of pieces from online wholesalers. Lastly, nicely textured 2 by 6 lumber from exotic trees is attractive and has many uses in carpentry and interior décor. That is why the demand for cedar 2x6, a smooth-grained tree, is one of the highest, and suppliers are taking advantage of this by bringing them in wholesale quantities.

What is the length of 2 by 6 lumber?

The standard length of a 2 by 6 lumber is between 8 and 16 feet. 2x6 studs are between 8 and 12 feet, most of which are customized depending on the height of the home. Besides standard height, online wholesalers have extra long 2by 6lumber pieces extending to 28 feet. You can purchase extra long pieces and customize them for customers at a higher price depending on their parameters.

How much weight can a 2 by 6 support?

In shipping, a 2x6 softwood lumber can support up to 50 pounds per square foot when a 2x6 x 12 is lying horizontally. Thicker, hardwood 2x6s are stronger, and a single piece may support up to 700 pounds.2x6 redwood is available in standard and extra long lengths for many at-home and industrial needs. Find the type of 2x6 lumber you need at factory prices from international suppliers.

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