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886 bulb

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About 886 bulb

The wholesale 886 bulb function in the same way as ordinary incandescent light bulbs. Electricity is passed through a resistive filament which gives off heat and light. The difference is that halogen light bulbs utilize a halogen gas inside the casing allowing more current to be passed through the filament. This causes more intense light to be discharged. The gas inside a halogen lamp also allows the lamp to last longer than normal incandescent bulbs.

886 bulb come in a wide variety of types and power ratings. Halogen headlight bulbs are used for car headlights and turn signals. Some common examples of these halogen headlight types are the h7 halogen bulb, and the h11 halogen bulb. These look almost the same but users are encouraged to confirm nominal power ratings to ensure compatibility.

G series bulbs like the g9 light bulb and g4 bulb are commonly used in small lighting fixtures and appliances. They have two looped prongs at their base, and the number on their codes indicates the distance between the prongs. A g9 bulb, for example, will have 9mm in between the pins. Other types of halogen bulbs are the mr11 bulb and the t3 light bulb. The mr11 are small but bright bulbs commonly used in ceiling lighting while t3 bulbs are double-ended, rod-shaped bulbs that are small but have a high wattage. They are mostly used for table lamps.

Halogen bulb ratings can go all the way up to the hundreds for the 500-watt halogen bulbs or even in the thousands of watts for halogen floodlight used to illuminate stadiums, racetracks, or even provide light and heat for greenhouses. While they use more power than equivalently rated LED lights, their low acquisition cost and simplicity will make them be around in the decades to come.