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        Q: How can you easily turn off the Abs warning light on the dash of a 1998 CRV?
A: . The lighting is on because the ABS has a problem . Unless you are aware what you 're done , take it to a professional . Another thing are commemorating about ABS is that it was easy to damage those fragile wheel speed detectors whilst doing braking work , or to cause metal particulate to attach themselves to the magnet . Either 's likely to put the system into default , or make it go is continuouslyto anti-lock mode ( called `` fake modulation '' ) , and switched on the warning lamp . On ABS , speeding detectors are at the top of the list of fail . As far as the ABS troubles are worried , the first of all is speed detectors with metallic particulate sticking to the sensor nose . This may cause system default , or make it continually go into anti-lock mode called 'false modulation . ' Make sure the air gaps were correct , and the detectors and tone wheels are clean without any iron files or debr's in the vanes , which are able give an erratic speeding signalling , set a code , and put the system in default . Another problem on wheel speeding detectors is an internal break in a wire . Be cautious doing any wheel work because those detectors are fragile . The 2nd thing is rust where the sensor mountings or in the wheel speeding sensor bore , which makes the sensor difficult to remove . Another problem is moisture infiltration into expediteing sensor electric connectors , which arouses intermittents . 

Q: Why do brake and abs light come on 2000 safari van?
A: under hood fuse box there exists a 60 amp fuse labeled abs delete it and the abs will not labour and the abs lighting will come on in the dash but it is capable of to stop now 

Q: How do you reset an abs light on Tahoe 2000?
A: If the initial problem that aroused the abs lighting to come on was fixed , the lighting will restart himself after a short driving . If the lighting remain on , you still got a problem with the abs system .