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Automated layer cages are designed as houses for animal production, especially for egg-laying. Arranged in rows and columns, cages are connected together as a unit.


When it comes to the benefits of automatic chicken layer cages, there are many. Firstly, the density of breeding is large, which saves time, labor, and space. In this way, it can be more mechanized and automated. In addition, it could produce 3 to 5 times as much chicken as compared to the flat ones.

Secondly, layer poultry farm automatically control the temperature and humidity together digitally. It offers hens a stable living environment. Thus, there is less possibility of spreading diseases. As the chicken cages are cleaner, there would be less containment both on chickens and eggs. Hence, the eggshell is clean, with a high egg production rate.

Thirdly, the chick feed utilization is high. As the chickens in automatic layer poultry farm seldom move and consume less. The need for the feed is less accordingly. Additionally, it will lead to little waste, with the trough placed out of the cage.

Fourthly, managing all chickens in the same place is more efficient. The rear net and the side net are used to not let chickens in nearby cages fight each other. It takes less energy in recording the activity, production, and restricted animal feed. Moreover, it would be easier to capture chickens in cages and treat diseased chickens.

The price of the automated battery cage system varies in size. Buyers can choose the cage types based on their specific needs. To customize the chicken farms, the market provides different sizes. The specific choice of chicken layers will depend on the type of chickens, feeding and drinking habits, and the farm conditions. Feel free to explore more on Alibaba.com to find your ideal automatic layer farm.

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