6>Block size and voltage can be customized according to customers' reasonable requirements. 3.We will recommend and offer machine according to customer’s use and purchase budget. 2.We will prepare packing and shipment according to customer’s needing in advance.

Additionally, we can provide you the best price of the machine parts. 2. For big orders, we can send our engineers to your place to provide technical support. For the person or organization who wants to be our dealers, we can provide good favorable policy. Contact

Application Scope The HW Series Hydraulic Vertical is widely used in baling and pressing kinds of raw materials. Finished products One rectangular bale of above raw materials which is tightly pressed,which will save space and easy for transportation. To recommend you the fittest pressure,please let me know your raw materials,final bale size and final bale weight you want to get.

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About products and suppliers:

Available in two types, you can choose a wholesale baler that gives you the bale size and shape that you desire. You can either choose a square hay baler or a baler. Usually, square balers are bigger than round ones. Depending on how you want your bales to look, you can choose from the two options available.

Wholesale baler products come in a variety of fixed chambers and variable chambers. Fixed-chamber balers are simple machines that produce less dense bales. If you are planning to feed smaller-sized animals, these are the most suitable choice. baler with variable chambers are the most versatile as they allow you to choose the size of the bales. You can make denser bales, which are easy to store without being damaged by moisture. The type of crop you will be baling also will determine the type of chamber you require. Fixed chambers are suitable for plants with more moisture while dry crops will require a variable chamber for more compact sizes. If you opt to buy a round baler, then you have to choose between one of these units.

baler items are available in a range of horsepower to be compatible with your tractor. Choose a baler with a horsepower compatible with your primary machine. It is important to note that square balers have a higher horsepower compared to round ones. Additionally, buying a baler doesn’t have to break your bank. You can find the most affordable model that does a perfect job for you. If you are looking for a hay baler, you can find some of the most affordable choices at Alibaba.com.