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What are the common uses of BIC lighters

Camping is a very popular outdoor activity done by millions around the world. According to a research paper published by Statista, 41.8 million Americans went camping in 2017. Statista also found that $3 billion was spent on camping equipment in 2017. Stocking bulk custom BIC lighters might be a good way to benefit from the camping equipment market. Many people have different reasons for going on a camping trip. From exploring nature to improving health and cutting down on the use of digital technology. Camping is also a great way for people to bond and strengthen relationships. Others use camping to develop survival skills like purifying water, searching out food, and building camp fires.

One of the most important accessories a person needs on a camping trip is a lighter. Fire is very essential for keeping warm, purifying water and even cooking. However, there is no electricity in the wild so people have to use natural cooking methods which rely on fire. Starting a fire can be difficult without a source of fire, and that's where BIC lighters come in. White BIC lighters are compact, efficient, and durable.

How to choose camping lighters?

There are several factors people consider when choosing BIC mini lighters. The first is waterproofness. Suitable camping lighters should be able to work in wet conditions as forests tend to have higher humidity. Other factors include wind resistance and being fuel refillable. Camp lighters need to be wind resistant as the most common weather pattern outdoors is windy. Finally, having refillable mini BIC lighters helps cut down on buying new lighters.

The price of custom BIC lighters depends on the style and the material used to make them. Common prices of bulk pack of BIC lighters are between $0.5 to $5. Stocking metal BIC lighters at different prices might be a good way to meet different client budgets.

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