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About products and suppliers:

Commercial poultry production happens on a huge scale. According to FAO data, the total number of animals processed annually in the poultry sector has reached around 30 billion in the last few years, with chickens representing the vast majority of them, at 93%. Having a systematic approach when feeding these animals is a must for producers of all sizes. Chicken feed bulk suppliers can help you do just that. Browse the site and search for wholesale chicken feed with the right specifications for your demands.

That being said, bulk poultry feed can come in different shapes (such as layers' pellets, crumbles, mashes, fermented feed, or dried mealworms for chickens), have different nutritional content, and even contain certain medications to prevent, treat, and eliminate parasitic infections and other ailments from which the animals can suffer.

Types of chicken feed:

The chicken feed pellet is one of the most common types. It comes in a compact, easy-to-handle shape that makes it easier to store and carefully control the quantity given to each animal. An average chicken eats around 1.5 pounds of bulk layer pellets or other equivalent rations per week. Crumbles are similar to bulk chicken pellets but have a more loose structure, which makes them easier to eat and digest. The laying mash for chickens is ideal for small chicks, being similar to a powder, which makes it more digestible than pellets or crumbles.


Regarding the composition, corn, wheat, oats, and other grains are a staple of bulk chicken food to provide protein, fiber, vitamins, and other trace minerals to the animals. The bulk grains for chicken feed can also be supplemented to make sure that they contain the right amount of essential vitamins, such as vitamin D and B12, and minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, to ensure healthy, strong, and stable eggs.

Be it for organic, whole grain, non-GMO, or supplemented chicken feed, you can contact international wholesale suppliers for your business on Alibaba.com.