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About bulk wholesale earrings

The earrings business is one of the highest profit margins in eCommerce. Earrings are basically one size fits all, which makes earrings the most popular in the jewelry business.

What are the trends for earrings nowadays?

They are studs, hoops, dangles, huggies, and chandeliers. Stud earrings are the basic style and all times favorite. Hoop earrings are round earrings and the circle goes through the ear and connects to the other side of the piercing. The dangle earrings (and drop) styles have a long and thin body hanging from the ear loop and made them have more movement. Huggie earrings, similar to hoops, are circular and attach through the lobe but unlike the hoops, they sit snug against the ear. Chandelier earrings are like dangle earrings but with a shape that resembles an ornate crystal chandelier, they look elegant, and feminine and generally are the most luxurious earring styles.

What are the most popular materials in earrings?

They are surgical-grade steel, platinum, titanium, plastic, silicone, gold-plated, or acrylic. Among all materials, platinum, 14K karat gold, and surgical-grade steel are hypoallergenic. They tend to be less reactive and are best for sensitive ears. One thing is, they are not necessarily expensive.

What are the choices for the back of the earrings?

The choices are mainly post backs, hinge backs, lever backs, clip-on backs, and many more. Post back earrings come with different options, like screw backs and lock backs, which are the most common type of earring backing and are used on almost all earrings. Hinge back earrings also known as saddleback and hinged snapback, have a hinge that snaps onto the groove on the back of the earring and is commonly used on hoops and huggie earrings.

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