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Wooden beads look ordinary but they are actually very useful and versatile. There are many things people can make out of wooden beads, like crafts, decorations, bracelets, necklaces, and even toys for children. Wooden beads bulk can be found on Alibaba.com with a wide range of choices, natural color or mixed color wooden beads; round, square, oval, or hexagon wooden beads; polished, unfinished, or engraved wooden beads.

Why do people like to wear jewelry in wooden beads?

Jewelry in wooden beads is used to represent creativity and liberty. In modern times, they are worn mainly as fashion accessories. Wooden bead bracelets can absorb and hold a scent for a long time, that is why they can be used as a mini essential oil diffuser. Jewelry in wooden beads, or generally wooden jewelry, is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t harm any creatures and will not take hundreds of years to decompose. Natural wooden beads are safe and free from chemicals and plastics, making them much safer materials to make jewelry for people who have sensitive skins.

What types of wood can make wooden beads?

Wooden beads can be made from many different trees, for example, grey wood, sandalwood, bamboo, ebony, ironwood, apple, rose, and beech. As long as the grain of the wood is beautiful or aromatic, they will be an ideal species for making wooden beads. Beech wooden beads are one of the most popular choices because they are strong hard wood with high shock resistance and they have a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern as well.

When sourcing wooden beads bulkon Alibaba.com, remember they also come in a variety of sizes. They are usually measured across diameter for example 10mm wooden beads. They also have quite a large hole for stringing. Check with the suppliers if custom wooden beads are needed!