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Commercial rabbit cages

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About commercial rabbit cages

One of the risks of growing rabbits for your business is standing the chance to lose them. Rabbits are calm but swift animals, and so can be quite too outdoorsy than you would like them to be, which is why you may need to practice commercial rabbit housing. A commercial rabbit cage is a hutch with crosshatch wires locked at its frame borders. Commercial rabbit pens are usually constructed to be durable and airy to keep these rodents in a highly growth-enabling habitat.

What to look for in a commercial rabbit cage before purchase

Commercial rabbit hutches come in different structures and material make-up that affect the ease of raising your rodents and how comfortable they get to be. When getting rabbit cages for commercial farming, it may serve to consider the ease of access. Usually, commercial wire rabbit cages with a hinged roof or lid or multiple doors can make it easier to change the hay feeders and water for your rabbits and more easily reach the inside to clean dirt in them. Ensure that they are made of strong mesh to protect your rodents from predators like foxes, snakes, and cats. Also ideal to use are removable trays, as these can make it a lot easier to change the bedding materials and thus keep your rabbits always free of dirt and potential diseases. Construction materials should be durable enough to stand against rot without requiring harsh chemicals that may not keep the hutch as comfy or safe for your rabbits.

Are multi-level commercial rabbit cages good for your rodents?

Yes. In fact, commercial rabbit breeding cages are good for you as much as for them. They allow your rodents enough space without taking up much of your farm area. Getting commercial rabbit farming cages allows for less congestion of rabbits and on your part less building cost, as you can use the same farm area to structure more multilayered hutches and thus culture more rabbits.

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