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Corrugated pallets

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About corrugated pallets

Corrugated pallets, along with wooden pallets and metal pallets, provide solutions to the market. When considering which material is a suitable choice, people would take cost, weight, adaptability, durability, and safety into account.

Benefits of corrugated pallets

The corrugated pallet is also known as the paper pallet. There are many benefits of it. Firstly, it's light in weight. Compared with wooden pallets, it only weighs a third of pallets made from wood. Thus, it can reduce the cost of shipment, and become the ideal option for export. Secondly, cardboard pallet boxes are strong. Although manufactured from paper, corrugated pallets are stronger than expected. With some engineering skills, the runners, cores, and top sheets come together to make a strong mechanism as a bridge. Thirdly, corrugated paper pallets are environmentally friendly. It can be a way to protect the nature. Not only do they produce less carbon in manufacturing, but they also are recyclable. Thirdly, corrugated cardboard pallets are safe and hygienic. They do not need to be heated or fumigated in the process of production. They are suitable for medical and pharmaceutical uses. Some buyers would prefer moisture and humidity-resistant pallets of paper, to prevent mold and hygienic problems.

Cost of corrugated pallet

The price of paper pallets varies in strength, thickness, and quality. The simple type offered by corrugated pallet suppliers costs little. The corrugated pallet price of mid-strength is in a fair range. The higher standard pallet of paper costs around $ 12 to $ 18. Besides that, some people ask for extra strength and customization services. They would like to personalize the size, strength, and specific material. It would lead to a relatively expensive price. provides many options of corrugated pallets for sale. Explore more and cooperate with some corrugated pallets companies from, to boost your business.