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        Q: Grinding sound when accelerating?
A: you did not explain wherever you heard from noise levels in the automobile . In the Front or underneath you where the transmission is . Since i ca n't see the automobile these are solely ideas . if the belt was loose it could make noise . however , the mustang got a big gap between pulleys and it makes it seem loose when its truly not . Also when you change gears it 's never recommends to skip gears shifting up or down . if the grinding noise originates from inside the transmission , you would have been able readily ruptured a synchronizer assembly and when it meshes together makes noise . you would have been able also harmed the throw out bearing , they are able make grinding noises , whenever they break I do n't suggest driving like this it was necessary to be looked at by a mechanic before more harm is aroused 

Q: What is the purpose of crankshaft?
A: The crankshaft , quite simply put , conversions reciprical motion into rotary motion , thereby trnsmitting the horsepower and motion generated by the piston and rod assemblages through the rotary motion of the crankshaft to the transmission and later wheels . 

Q: What is grind dancing?
A: Why the **** are thirteen years old grinding on people anyways