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It is claimed that it's possible to benefit the body and the aura surrounding it through stone and crystal mushrooms. In Yoga and other disciplines, a person's aura comprises seven subtle bodies or layers, each with a different vibration frequency and functions, which can be enhanced and balanced by mushroom-shaped crystals.

Stone and gemstone mushrooms are considered to be energy catalysts. Their main characteristic would be operating according to a particular form of energy, represented by the "flow of thoughts" of the person who uses them in a conscious way. Mini mushroom crystals have different powers and functions, depending on the material they are made with, but they all affect the body and mind of their owner.

Properties and benefits of crystal mushrooms

Crystal therapy is an alternative medicine practice that aims to eliminate dysfunctions or ailments by placing crystals, stones, gems, and metals in certain points of the body or certain areas of the home. In different cultures, mushroom-shaped crystals are believed to feature magical and therapeutic powers and were used to chase away demons and diseases and to instill strength and energy.

For example, since the Middle Ages in Europe, rock crystal and rose quartz mushrooms have been believed to have hypnotic and divinatory properties and were even used to predict the future. Alongside these beliefs, rock crystal affects the body – it revitalizes insensitive, cold, and rigid areas. It can rebalance the brain's functions, strengthen the nerves, and stimulate the glands and blood circulation.

Amethyst mushroom crystal is considered to be able to reduce fever, headache, and nausea. It would soothe pain, especially in the teeth, and help eliminate stress and tension. A moss agate mushroom would favor the elimination of toxins from its owner's body by simply placing it on the bedside or keeping it in a pocket.

The history of mushroom-shaped crystals

The properties of stones and crystals mushrooms and their effectiveness were discovered thousands of years ago, and nowadays people still bring this ancient wisdom to their homes. In many of the most ancient civilizations, Egyptian and Mayan, these mushroom-shaped crystals were used during ceremonies to divine the future, as good luck charms, and to treat specific ailments.

Following the basic concepts of crystal therapy, each mini mushroom crystal can absorb and transform energies through the chakras, gateways to the vital energy flow of our body. Although they have no scientific evidence, the therapeutic principles of crystal therapy, also shared by Yoga, Acupuncture, and Ayurveda, do not contradict current scientific research.

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