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Poly bags, also called polyethylene bags, are an economical shipping choice. Not only are poly bags for shipping affordable, but they protect the package contents from moisture, dirt, light, odors, and tampering. Poly bags packaging comes in a variety of colors with black, white, and gray being the most popular. Clear poly bags are another common choice.

What Are Poly Bags for Shipping Used For?

Thanks to their durability, poly bags are used to ship a variety of items from food and candy to books, clothing, and automotive parts. Poly bags for packaging are built to last and protect whatever items are placed inside them. Always ships using poly bags with suffocation warning to prevent harm or injury to the recipient.

What Can You Print on Poly Bags?

While some poly bags are plain, except for the shipping information, others are colorful and decorative. Many companies add their logo, brand, or another image to the bag as a form of advertising. It also has aesthetic appeal and adds a personal touch.

Printing on poly bags is done using solvent-based ink. Because most poly bags are made of plastic, typical water-based ink won’t last. The solvent-based ink is waterproof and smudge-proof. It also comes in a variety of colors to perfectly match your brand or logo.

The Benefits of Custom Poly Bags

Most clear poly bags are made of plastic, making them easy to recycle and creating 80% less solid waste than paper products. Poly bags also require 40% less energy to manufacture compared to other packing materials. The plastic used to make poly bags is lightweight and flexible so you can customize the size, shape, and measurements. Clear poly bags let customers see exactly what’s inside, including the color, quality, and design of the product. This is most useful in retail where customers view products in person. Colored poly bags for shipping are more discreet and work best for long-distance deliveries.