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            Find a dry cleaning machine at Alibaba.com for commercial use. Many manufacturers offer various models, sold in single units or full sets. Stock up on dry cleaning equipment to keep a business running and customer happy. Each model is built to be reliable and safe with easy, programmable controls. Browse a wide selection to find a dry cleaning washing machine that meets your customers' demands.

Use dry cleaning for a wide variety of garments. It works best for delicate articles and formal, such as suits, that cannot safely be washed using a regular washer and dryer. Each professional dry cleaning machine is designed to handle such items and keep them intact during the process. Maintain peace of mind knowing the clothing will come out clean and tidy without damage. Most dry cleaning machine brands are built with high-quality materials for longer-lasting use.

Buy an automatic dry cleaning machine to get your work done quickly and efficiently. These units allow the user to program the cleaning process and leave it to run. This type of laundry dry cleaning equipment will help save time in your business while reducing labor intensity. Some brands are designed with both automatic and manual options, allowing you to micro-manage the process if necessary. Many dry cleaning laundry machine models also feature self-cleaning and diagnostic functions.

Alibaba.com provides many sources of dry cleaning equipment. Choose a model that will meet your business's workload while still saving time and money. Find a dry cleaning machine manufacturer that offers durability and reliability. Thanks to intuitive controls, less training is required for employees to learn each function. Some models even have options for folding and pressing garments.