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Electric air fryer

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About electric air fryer

The way that an electric air fryer works is similar to how a convection oven or toaster does. It produces hot air and then quickly circulates it all around the food. This is called the air frying process. The digital electric air fryer leaves a crispy, thin layer over the food when done. It is similar to what is produced when deep frying, except no oil is required.

An electric air fryer is a useful tool for cooking various types of food

As mentioned, it can deep fry foods that taste good with a crispy crust or skin. These include fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, and French fries. An outdoor electric air fryer can even cook a whole turkey. It is called a butterball turkey air fryer. This type of fryer functions as both an outdoor grill and a roaster as well. Apart from those types of food, an electrical air fryer can also be used for cooking vegetables and skinless meat. Common electric air fryer recipes usually include roasted vegetables, meatloaf, and fish dishes.

Desserts can be made by using an electric air fryer

People use electric air fryers for baking cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other sweets. An electric air fryer oven functions just like a typical air fryer does, except that it is designed to look like a small oven. That way, it is easier to place cookie dough or cake mix inside it. Those who want to bake but are low on space opt to use air fryers because they are compact. Air fryers can be placed on shelves, kitchen counters, and pantries.

There are different versions of an electric air fryer

Wholesale electric air fryer manufacturers have expanded the types of air fryers that they produce. Aside from an air fryer oven and outdoor air fryer, an electric air fryer stove is now also available. It looks like a miniature version of a normal stove. Most air fryer stoves come with built-in fryer ovens as well.