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EAST 18V Mini Electric Power Cultivators Garden Cordless Tiller Cultivators

EAST 18V Mini Electric Power Cultivators Garden Cordless Tiller Cultivators

$57.06 - $73.48
Min Order: 500 sets
Material: Metal
Feature: Anti-Slip Grip
Finishing: Plastic Coated

About products and suppliers

An electric cultivator is a plowing machine driven by electricity. It can efficiently complete farm work such as plowing, loosening soil, and weeding. Compared with the traditional manual tillage method, cordless electric tillers have the advantages of labor-saving, high efficiency and precision.

Types of electric cultivators

There are many types of electric tillers, and the following are some common types: Electric wheel tillers use electric wheels as the power source and drive the plow blades and rotary blades to rotate through transmission mechanisms such as gears and chains to achieve plowing. Functions such as soil loosening and weeding. The electric crawler cultivator adopts crawler walking mode, can operate on more complex terrain, and has strong off-road performance. Electric hand tillers are relatively lightweight and can be easily carried into the field, making them suitable for cultivating small plots of land. Intelligent electric tillers use advanced sensors and control systems to achieve functions such as precise positioning, intelligent control and automated operations, and are an important direction for future agricultural development.

Maintenance of electric garden cultivators

Maintenance of electric garden cultivators is very important to ensure the normal operation and service life of the machine. The following are some maintenance suggestions: 1. Regularly check various components of the electric garden tiller, including the motor, transmission, plow blades, control system, etc., to ensure that they are working properly. 2. Clean the electric tiller promptly after use to avoid accumulation of dirt, weeds and other debris, which may affect the normal operation of the machine. 3. Lubricate each lubrication point of the electric tiller regularly to avoid wear and sticking.

4. If some parts are found to be damaged or seriously worn, they should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the performance of the entire machine. 5. Charge the battery of the electric tiller regularly to ensure battery life and performance. 6. When the electric cultivator is not used for a long time, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid moisture and rust.

How to choose an electric cultivator?

When selecting an electric tiller, people can consider the following aspects: First, people need to clarify the operation requirements and consider factors such as the land area, topography, soil type, and crops to be planted so as to select the appropriate type and specifications of the electric tiller. It is necessary to consider the performance of the electric tiller, including whether parameters such as power, rotation speed, plowing depth, etc., meet the requirements.

At the same time, people also need to understand the reliability, stability and ease of use of the machine. The battery life of the electric tiller is also a factor to consider, ensuring that the battery can support the machine to complete a sufficient workload. When selecting an electric tiller, people need to consider safety and check whether the machine's safety protection devices are complete and whether it meets safety standards.