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        Q: I mixed up by so many Fishing Reels.Help!?
A: First , goldfish are cold water fish , leave them out of this recipe for disasters . The battling fish ( hereafter otherwise known as betta ) are aggressive . The angels fish 's also aggressive towards longer finned fishes and is very likely to go after the betta so these people are dreadful tank mates . You might have luck with these two , perhaps , MAYBE if you have a very huge tank ( angels fish already need a enormous tank commenced its with , they grow to like six inches ? ? ? Around there . ) and a lot of places to conceal and a backup plan in case things go south though because sometimes it is dependent on each fish 's individuals 'alities but I would n't suggest attempting it out unless you are very experienced with this . Also , angel fishes need higher filtration and betta like water with fewer resources flow so you 'd required to take cacircle of making persuade the flow is dignified . Either way , I would n't recommend attempting .  You might get away with the betta and the glass fish ? ? ( Do you mean the catfish ? ? I assume that you mean the catfish ... ? ? ? Is there any other type oO.. ? ) . It everything depends on the personality again since I have a betta that wo n't even accept my paintbrush near his tank for a millisecondly , however , if you 've got a big sufficiently tank give its support a grouping of catfish ( they required to be in groupes of 6+ ) which 'd be like 35gallons subsequently it 's worth a shot . And do caution which one you purchase if you do , there was one that raised to be like six inches . those need 50+gallons . Also bear in mind they is very sensitive fish . Not good fish unless you are aware your fishes keeping . 

Q: Good quality fishing rod and reel?
A: The easiest rod and reel combo for a newbie 's either a Zebco thirty-3 or 404. these people are pretty low-costs and when you get more proficient with fishing subsequently you are able graduate to something better . These spincast reels is extremely simple to use and rigged with twelve lb test you are able catch quite much anything if you get your drag set right .  When you get ready to `` graduate '' look at the Shimano Sedona . It is a good spinning reel , not too expensive . Spinning reels are simple 's using after a litltle practice . 

Q: Penn Fierce 8000 spinning reel for surf fishing?
A: Well IMHO it 's the Spinfisher but that is the not the reel I use . I still have 5 old Penn 704 and 706 reels who are continuing work fine . I learned to surfcast with a skirted spool so I still prefers them . The reason I suggest the spinfisher is a result of the sized and the line capacities . I always go out where I 'm at the very least ready for that enormous fish to strike . I do not want to lose it because the reel is just too little and did n't hold sufficient line for a genuinely long run by a trophy fish . The Spinfisher series simply have a greatr spool accessible than the Slammer series . That means it is able hold more and heavier line .   Good luck with your shop , hope this assistances ...