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Most people would agree that the electric truck revolution has already begun. Many electric truck companies, both startups and well-established big brands, are putting electric pickup trucks into production and promoting these vehicles to the hilt. There also emerged many famous electric truck brands.

Benefits and use of electric pickup trucks

Electric pickup trucks are widely welcomed among customers thanks to their numerous benefits. First and foremost, reports show that, at least when it comes to city driving with frequent stops, electric trucks perform better than their diesel-fueled counterparts. Besides that, electric vehicles usually have faster acceleration. Secondly, electric pickups are environment-friendly vehicles as they are powered by renewable energy and do not emit air pollutants. Drivers of electric trucks can help reduce CO2 emissions significantly. Also, electricity is definitely cheaper than gasoline, which makes the use of electric trucks more economical. Maintenance is also a big difference. The electric motors installed on electric pickups are simpler in structure, leading to less damage. In this way, customers can save on operating costs. It's worth mentioning that mini electric trucks are suitable for those who are longing for both convenient and cozy travels. When it comes to the use of electric pickup trucks, though they might not be suitable for long-distance travel, they offer a great opportunity for local route use. Also, the electric truck fleet may be ideal for delivery services.

Types of electric pickup trucks

There are multiple types of electric pickup trucks. First, there are battery-electric trucks or all-electric trucks. This type of fully electric truck runs on electricity only and is recharged from an external power source. Secondly, plug-in hybrid electric trucks also use batteries to power their motors, but they incorporate a smaller internal combustion engine that can recharge the battery. In this way, these vehicles allow for longer driving ranges. Nowadays, hybrid electric vehicles witness a rise in popularity. They are powered by a combination of an internal combustion engine with electric motors running off a battery pack for greater efficiency. Lastly, there are fuel-cell electric trucks that convert hydrogen into electricity for electric power motors.