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An essential oil bottle is a device for storing and applying essential oil. Different shapes and designs of spray bottles for oils are available, including the popular spray and oil roller bottles. Roller bottles with stainless steel or glass rollers are commonly used for topical skin application. Room spray bottles are ideal for packaging mixed essential oils with moderate concentration.

What are the Advantages of Essential Oil Bottles?

Essential oil roller bottles allow you to package essential oils in a tamper-proof container until the users need to open it. Dark-colored essential oil spray bottles offer UV protection against sunlight, so the user does not have to store the bottles away from direct sunlight. Essential oil containers allow users to practice aromatherapy and bring about positive changes in their bodies and minds. Roller ball bottles make it easy to tackle body aches and pains naturally, by applying a blend of essential oils to the body. Well-designed essential oil containers also prevent oxygen and moisture from altering the oil and reducing its potency.

Do Essential Oil Bottles Come in Various Sizes?

Spray and roller bottles are available in different sizes. Two popular sizes are the 5ml and 10ml roller bottles. However, you can also find roller oil bottles that contain exactly 3ml, 8ml, 15ml, or 30ml of oil. The larger bottles are suitable for holding oil that needs to be applied often. Small bottles may be used for concentrated oils that are not applied often.

What are Some Essential Oil Bottle Selection Tips?

Choose the right size of bottle for your oil. Select small-size bottles to sell or display small samples. Pick larger bottles to sell oil to regular buyers. Ensure that the bottles are durable. Select glass bottles that will not break in transit. Ensure that the bottles have air-tight covers to prevent the oil from spilling out. Choose colored essential oil droppers that have UV glass to preserve the oil and select bottles that have a good design and aesthetic appeal to customers.