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Fake hands are replica hands that find applications in different scenarios. They simulate human hands in appearance, size, and texture, making them look realistic. They have fingers and nails like any other hand. Most of them are made from plastic, rubber, or silicone. Some come with an adjustable and removable stand for extra stability. Others have a metal clamp that attaches to a table for enhanced firmness. Explore for an extensive selection of life-sized, realistic fake hands from different suppliers.

Applications of Fake Hands

Fake hands have various applications. However, most customers use them as practice hands for nail art training. A fake hand for nails allows beauty school students and makeup artists to practice their nail art skills before applying their newly acquired knowledge in the real world. They can also be nail art presentation stands that nail artists can use to showcase their work to customers. Nail artists can insert fake nails for practice hand into the artificial fingertips to demonstrate to their clients what to expect when they procure their nail art services.

Beyond nail art training, tattoo artists also use fake hand tattoos to practice their trade and display their artistic designs. Tiny fake hands can be an accessory for kids to dress up and celebrate Halloween and other similar festivals. Illusionists use these practice hands for magic tricks and to experiment with optical illusions. It is not rare for security guards to use tactical fake hands for security reasons. Some VIP bodyguards often wear fake hands as decoys when faced with a potential threat. The fake hand is visible to the public, while the real hand remains hidden and typically holds a firearm or a similar weapon.

Benefits of Fake Hands

Aside from their utter versatility, fake hands offer many advantages, depending on the material. Fake rubber hands are flexible and elastic. They bend easily with little exertion. The rebound strength is as realistic as a human hand, making them ideal for manicure simulations. Besides, they are reusable, allowing trainers to practice different designs without worrying about permanent marks. Fake hand props are lightweight for enhanced portability, allowing users to carry them from one job site to the next without inconvenience. Some models come with a holder, while others feature a flat base, letting users place them anywhere they wish, be it a nail desk or manicure table. They also come in different sizes, shapes, and shades, making them ideal for various applications.