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Use joint-stock motor, centrifugal switch import from USA with original package. 2). Whole body (handle, motor casing, chassis) is made from aluminium. 4). Packing Carton with iron frame Pads For stone floor: For concrete floor: Fair Contact

Current 8amps Grinding Heads 3 No. of Grinding Pads 18 Switch Button Schneider Driven method Gear driven Material Aluminum alloy gear box + Plastic water tank Additional LED, Timer, Lifting bar, Velcro adaptor, Tools box, Dust shirt Surface grinding polishing general steps: 1: use metal pads #30 grinding , make surface smoothly 2: use metal pads #80 grinding to make the surface scratch more thin 3: add harder (a chemical liquid which can make surface because more harder) waiting 48 hours 4: use #50 resin pads polishing 5: use #150 resin pads polishing 6: use #300 resin pads further polishing 7: use #500 resin pads polishing 8: use #1000 resin pads polishing, (at this time #1000, you will find surface because shiny) 9: use #2000 resin pads polishing further 10: use #3000 resin pads polishing (now the surface will very very shiny, just like mirror) Recommend Combinatio Product Category Packaging & Shipping

1,Ergonomically designed and folding handle for adjusting the handle to be the comfortable operation position of worker. 2.Easy to operation and lightweight to carry 3.Wonderful high-speed polishing effect. 4.Integrated system of weights for your choice to add and remove extre weights.

3. S it can work with a foamer in order to dry the carpet and more efficient and affevtive to work. Information to the customer pays a return visit, after-sales depoartment record. Technical Support Have a professional after-sale service technology term.

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Concrete grinding can be an efficient and highly rewarding process with the exemplary floor polisher available on Alibaba.com. These types of floor polisher come with irresistible discount deals. They boast of top-of-the-line technologies that bolster enhanced outputs characterized by impressive speeds and efficient operations. These are made of amazingly strong materials that make the assemblage very durable while performing at the highest level consistently.

Shoppers prefer the top-notch floor polisher selections featured on Alibaba.com because they are in an enormous collection that comprises distinct models, sizes, and performance capacities. This ensures that the assortment is versatile enough to address diverse needs in construction works. Therefore, every buyer is assured of discovering the most appropriate to enable them to achieve their concrete grinding goals. Since they come from the leading manufacturers in this sector, every purchase delivers products that meet top quality and performance standards.   

These terrific floor polisher have flawless designs that boost output efficiency. Manufacturers use the latest technologies that reduce fuel and electrical power consumption, therefore, users save money on their electricity and power bills. The remarkable safety attributes they incorporate to protect the personnel who work with them from the risks of injury. Their low costs of maintenance reflect their overall value, especially with their low rates of breaking down and their ease of repair.

Buying the best model depending on the goals of the buyer is essential in boosting efficiency and profitability. By exploring Alibaba.com, shoppers will discover the most suitable floor polisher option according to their budgets and production needs. These are ideal for wholesalers who enjoy unbelievable deals when buying in large quantities.