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French fries makers are large semi-automated machines that have different parts that perform different functions. There are French fries-making machines that produce potato chips, small French fries, and small potato chips. When it comes to frying French fries, there are four different kinds of fry maker machines. There is a basket type, rectangle pot, round pot, and a continuous frying machine. A production line is needed to produce frozen fries, not a frying machine.

What are the machines of a French fry production line?

Different machines are put together in a production line to create a French fries cutting machine. Each line will have an automatic fry cutter, a brush roller machine to wash and peel potatoes, fries blanching machine, and an automatic fries maker machine for packaging. To make seasoned fries add a part called the French fries flavoring machine. This part can also be used to season potato chips and uses a spray method.

What is a potatoes cutter machine and what can it cut?

An industrial French fry cutter cuts potatoes for fries, and in some cases can cut other vegetables. These vegetables include carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, onions, sweet potatoes, plantain, and other vegetables. Sweet potato fries are a healthy alternative to classic fries.

How are fries made in a restaurant?

After fries are blanched in cold water before they are fried. Fries are blanched because they will be crispier this way. The oil has to be at least 125 C and then 175 C for the final frying process. Use this same process at home with a potato fry maker or for fries made from a French fries machine for bulk production. Fries must be cut the right size and width to be fried light and crisp. An automated machine will help to ensure this consistency.

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