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Glamping tents are luxury tents used for high-end camping experiences. The word "glamping" combines "glamorous" and "camping" to describe a non-traditional way of camping. This way of camping usually features most of what one would find at a luxury hotel while offering the experience of providing natural, breathtaking views by living in the wilderness.

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Bell Tents

A bell tent is a multipurpose structure consisting of a central that props the exterior material in place, usually taking on a bell-shaped form. This design protects inhabitants from the sun and, as opposed to many tent designs, offers added breathability because of the openness of the design.

Luxury Yurt

A yurt for camping consists of a circular design, usually constructed of wooden latticework and a canvas shell. This design often features a skylight at the roof's center, providing natural sunlight. Many "glampers" prefer the luxury yurt for its modern amenities, such as sinks and bathrooms, and its environmentally-friendly design, which allows inhabitants to live closer to nature.

Geodesic Dome Tents

Similar to a yurt for camping, a geodesic dome tent adopts a spherical design. The reticulated shell curves in a grid-like structure. This design features a higher volume-to-surface ratio than most modern architecture, increasing sustainability by taking less energy to heat and cool. These tents are easy to pitch–meaning, set up–and provide a stable structure during inclement weather.

Safari Tent

Also known as a wall tent, the safari tent contains four vertical walls that provide much more headroom than the traditional pyramid-shaped tent. The inside of larger safari tents can be divided into separate living quarters, making it a popular option for groups of friends and families. Further, these luxury tents provide a non-invasive way of living, as campers can set them up virtually anywhere without tampering with the environment.

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