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The grader machine is also known as a motor grader and, a road grader machine, or simply a blade. It is heavy equipment with a long blade and is very useful in different industries like construction, roadworks, and mining sites. 

What are the differences between motor graders in sizes?

A grader machine can scrape and shift substrate to create smooth and flat surfaces. They are mainly categorized by their size: small motor grader, medium motor grader, and large motor grader. Small motor graders have small blades to fit in tight areas. They usually have the same controls as larger motor graders and are used for the same purposes. Medium motor graders have longer blades to cover bigger land, and they also have larger wheels for larger jobs. Large motor graders are also called heavy motor graders and are mainly for large construction sites.

What are the differences between motor graders in different frames?

Grader machines can also be categorized by their frame: rigid frame motor grader and articulate frame motor grader. The rigid frame motor grader is traditional and used for different grading tasks on farms and construction sites. It has 4 wheels and a long rectangular frame, and the blade is attached to the frame by hinges. The blade may swing back and forth while the grader machine is operating. Articulate frame motor grader is generally used for larger jobs. This motor grader has 2 larger wheels and each has a steering wheel attached to it. The steering wheel can steer the blade along the road's surface.

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