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A greenhouse plastic sheeting is used to cover the greenhouse. Greenhouse plastic panels are easy to unfold and also sturdy.

What is the Use of Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting?

Sheeting for the greenhouse is needed to protect the plants from sudden temperature changes and harsh wind. It also protects plants from pests, UV rays, and heavy rain. Most plants survive in diffused light in a greenhouse. So, greenhouse acrylic panels can be a good choice. Plastic sheets help to retain the heat better than glass sheets. Besides, glass sheets can crack due to harsh weather. But one does not need to worry about that with plastic sheets. The sheets made of plastic can be used for any greenhouse without breaking. Moreover, they have low maintenance costs.

Types of Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

Clear plastic sheets for the greenhouse are made of copolymer plastic which is hard. Polycarbonate sheets for the greenhouse are widely used for their low cost, large sizes, and ease of use. They are also known as greenhouse panels, and they can be flat or wavy. Polyethylene greenhouse plastic sheet works well when used as a double layer. They are 6 mil greenhouse plastic sheets that are durable and cost-effective greenhouse plastic covers. SolaWrap films are another type of polyethylene plastic sheet which are stronger than the previous ones. Polyvinyl plastic is also another good option if you are not worried about the cost since it can last for many years with regular care and inspection. Greenhouse corrugated plastic sheets are much stronger than glass and last for a long time. The DIY greenhouse plastic sheets are lightweight and easy to cut.

Buyers should choose sheets of their greenhouse plastic roof as per their budget, environment, and crop types. Clear plastic sheets for the greenhouse are better than glass sheets as they maintain the ideal temperature inside the greenhouse. Clear greenhouse plastic sheets are also ideal for seed propagation. Frosted ones help in growing full-term crops.

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