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        Q: Which drilling pipe should I use?
A: PVC utilized , very frequently for this agreement . You just required to be persuaded you have each point appropriately made so the piping does n't part when you 're putting it the well .   Galvanized piping will lose its protect over time and start to corrode where as the PVC once duringstalled will is advantageous for ages .   The videos below maybe it is useful . 

Q: If we stop drilling in Gulf of Mexico, can the Chinese start drilling?
A: Obama is hyping the Gulf spill to push cap and trading . That 's why he impedes is making an effort to stop and cleaning process the spill with red tape . Obama , Al Gore , George Soros , Fannie Mae and Goldman-Sachs all make billions if cap and trading passes . If it does n't pass , their Chicago Climate Exchange shared are useless . 

Q: Drilling holes into wood?
A: I 'm a cabinetmaker , not a geologist , but I 'm pretty convinced wood takes a entire lot longer than eighty years to petrify , although most species will darken with age . There is also possible slight changes to the density in lumber that has been indoors for all of that time , but I doubt it would affect its capacity to be machined substantially .   The firstly thing I thought of was 's your drill spinning the rights direction , but you spell and punctuate properly so I known that is the firstly thing you inspected .   Do you are aware what sort of wood it is ? If it 's that old , it 's presumably made from old growth lumber and will are lots denser than timber from a modern-day , managed forest . If its made of Teak , it is able have silica sand imbedded in the grain of the wood which will clearly swiftly dull everything that utilized , to cut or machine it .   Are you hitting a knot ? Is there metal behind it ? Steel studs were no invented yet , and they 're n't that thick or hard anyhow . Conduit ? If you are face difficulties in from the very beginning ,ing , you are able have to modernise your drilling bits . Brad point bits have small ears on the tips to maintaining them going straight through challenging grain ( accessible from Woodcraft http : //www.woodcraft.com ) and DeWalt has Pilot Point bits that was rather good for difficult wood . There are specific twisting bits for drilling plexiglass that have a pointier tip that were likely also be an option , although they 're difficult to find . You can look at the McMaster-Carr catalogue http : //www.mcmaster.com to see all the different types of drilling bits that available with info and concreteations , and although they would n't necessarily be my firstly choice to order from , these people are frequently where constructors and managers first look to see what 's available .   As longer as your drilling still makes the bit spin , it 's presumably ok . It 's frequently best 's using a lower rpm when drilling difficult material anyhow , so my guess is you necessary istter drill bits . You can also 're trying drill a lesser pilot hole for a greatr bit be adhered to . You do n't required to go out an buy titanium coated specific bits , but those from a acknowledged maker , like Irwin or any tool of makers ought to be okay .