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        Q: Anybody own a food dehydrator? What do you like to make with it?
A: beef or turkey jerky   Buy a flank steak or a pleasant boneless turkey breast  place in freeZer til firm but not frozen all the way  slice thinly and later put in a container and marinate in soya or terikayi sauce overnight and later dehydrate for 6-eight hours or till done .  YUMMY we also do with venison 

Q: What brand of food dehydrator should I buy?
A: I have a go at this and could n't get going , I said you did n't the patience . The machines is a much greater than I thoughts and it 's a lot of money more involved than I initially thought ! There is absolutely lots of prep work you have n't been just chop stuff up and throw it in like I thought you could !   Get yourself a good recipe book and good luck !   Have a look at this link . Lots of useful info .   http : //www.ukjuicers.com/info/choosing-y ... 

Q: Mixing food-types in a dehydrator...?
A: I do n't eat anything cooked and the united statese the dehydrator on low setting extensively .   I usually need alot of fruit to make it worthwhile . I do dehydrated apple and is passing through various kilos , fill up the whole dehydrator and later my family snack on them and voila ! they are gone : ) You do n't required to add nothing to the fruit , just slice it up thinly and pop it onto a mesh sheet for possibly 12-18 hrs . After 12hrs I just verify how they are going . Make convinced all the moisture 's gone so they will keep in the closet .   Google for `` Raw Foods '' and you 'li 'm finding some terrific recipes for your dehydrator . You can make museli bars , patties & amp ; burgers , fruit rollups ( these are enormous , just puree fruit in a food processor and lays down on a solid dehydrator tray ) , and crackers - things like this which are pretty easy . They 're usually made of nuts , herbs and spices , flax seeds and do n't contain oils therefore it very wholesome .   You do n't required to be a Raw Foodie to do these , it could just be a pleasant changing . Anyway , hope this assistances you with some ideas !