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An industrial wood chipper is a sturdy machinery used to cut wood into small chips or shreds as part of a wood recycling or manufacturing process. Those in the agricultural industry also use industrial tree chipper during property and land maintenance or to aid in clean-up after a storm or meteorological event. It is also commonly used in the forestry industry to process large quantities of wood waste and logs, making it easier to transport and use. An industrial wood chipper machine typically consists of multiple unique pieces, such as a hopper, a collar, a chipper, and a collection bin. Depending on the size and type of chipper, an internal power source, often a combustion engine, can range from 3 to 1,000 horsepower.

Types of industrial wood chippers

There are three major varieties of chipper industrial machines on the market: disc chippers, screw chippers, and drum chippers. Depending on the application, these three types of chippers are utilized in various industries. There are new and modern wood chippers on the market with solid build structures so that they do not get damaged while in use and can chop through the wooden component.

A drum wood chipper is named from the big, motorized drum at the machine's center. The drum, like a feeder, sucks material in and chips it as it moves toward the output chute. The process is rapid and noisy, and it poses substantial safety risks. Due to the close relationship between the engine and the drum, any obstruction in the drum might result in the engine stalling and wood fragments becoming lodged inside the drum.

A disk electric wood chipper comprises a steel disc with cutting blades attached. Hydraulic wheels pull material from the hopper toward the rotating disc. As the disc rotates, the blades come into contact with the wood sliced into chips. The disc of an industrial disk chopper can be as huge as 160 inches in diameter, with an engine producing up to 5,000 horsepower. Screw wood chippers are a special kind of wood buoyant with a variety of designs. Screw wood chippers can fulfill both residential and commercial uses for wood chipping. These heavy duty wood chipper machines can have tow-mounted engines or electric propulsion. There are other screw wood chippers on the market that run on diesel.

Industrial wood chipper operation safety

An industrial chipper shredder is a robust device that, in the hands of a careless operator, might result in catastrophic injury. First, avoid adding more tree debris than the machine can chipping at once. It won't speed up the job, and the high-speed blade has the potential to hurt the user by pushing back the excess material. Additionally, confirm that the tree debris fed into the chipper is free of metal, stones, or other debris.

These could strike the operator after glancing off the wood chipper blades. Additionally, an operator needs to take great care when putting their hands near the mouth of the industrial wood shredder. If necessary, use a long piece of branch to push material in. Lastly, wear protective gear when working with a chipper, keeping an operator's hands, eyes, and head safe.