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Jobsite radio is usually used at worksite places to enable one to listen to news, sports, or even listen to their favorite music. It is also known as construction radio because it drowns out noise at worksites. Jobsite radio can be powered by battery power or 120v AC. Some radios can use one battery pack or more than one. AC-powered radios can be plugged into a standard power outlet, and some can use an AC adapter. Select jobsite radios from suppliers and manufacturers at that meet your specification to keep employees active, engaged, and productive.

Features of a jobsite radio

As a communication technology, radio uses electromagnetic waves to transfer information from one place to another. These construction radios have features that enable access to different channels. A Bluetooth radio enables wireless connection from a mobile device. This feature in Bluetooth radios can enable you to stream music from your mobile phone. A site radio has a sturdy construction, including corner guards, exoskeleton bars, and armor enclosures. These features are designed to reinforce protection during everyday use so that they don't stop working should the radio bump or bang at the worksite. A worksite radio can have handles made to help grab and carry, either top-mounted or side-mounted.

Most radios have dials, buttons, and displays depending on the model. Some have a button to press when adjusting the volume, while others have a rotating spin. Radios have a button for power on or off and a preset button for quick station changes. For most, the buttons are rubberized for comfy pressing. There are also buttons for features such as Bluetooth and a mute button, which enables you to turn off sound quickly. Radios have a backlit panel that displays the volume, the tuning frequency, and the time. Some models can display the time and the battery percentage remaining. The seek and scan features on a worksite radio help find the stations available if you are in a new, unfamiliar area. The seek button, when pressed, gets you the next available radio station, and the scan button, when pressed, retains the radio station found.

Why have a jobsite radio?

Jobsite radios can play audio from an auxiliary device like a smartphone, MP3 player, or tablet. Some have sockets for SD memory cards. They have an adjustable equalization (EQ) that allows you to boost and cut both bass and treble sounds. Jobsite radios have built-in compartments that are sealed to keep and protect your devices. Most compartment doors have rubber gaskets to protect from dust and latch for easy opening to access your device. The compartments have USB ports where one can recharge a device.