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        Q: Lactose free milk in Malaysia?
A: you ought to be able to find soya and rice dairy in Malaysia , both lactose free . 

Q: Does fat free milk have lactose in it?
A: Hi . Actually - it 's a very simple changing .   Lactose is a sugar . All sugar has to be digested in order for our bodies 's using it as fuel . Our bodies produce an enzyme called lactase that breaks lactose into simple sugars .   So when a manufacturing wished to make lactose-free dairy , they 're starting to with regular cow 's dairy products and add the lactase enzyme which breaks down the lactose into other simpler sugars that are able be digested by lactose-intolerant peoples .   That 's it - just a simple enzyme .   That enzyme is sold as Lactaid , as you point out . The presently sell it as chewable tablets but they usage sold off it in liquids form so you could make your own lactose-free dairy . But such an option was n'tt as popular as the tablets since it took several hours to work , while being taking a tablet was immediate . 

Q: How can I make lactose free milk?
A: Lactose free dairy has been processed 'artificially ' breaking down lactose to glucose and galactose which are generally accomplished by the enzyme lactase which people who are lactose intolerance lack . So nutritionally lactose free dairy products and ordinary dairy is exactly the same . Being lactose intolerant myself , I drink lactose-free dairy . Personally I felt that lactose-free dairy tastes sweeter than ordinary dairy . You might wish to try it yourself . Lactose-free dairy 's like a godsend for people like myself .