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A large plastic tray is a flat piece of plastic with raised edges. Most large trays are made from sturdy, quality plastic material, decorated stainless steel metals, and wood. Large plastic trays offer protection during the storage and transportation of products as they save on space. Check the vast collection of large plastic trays on to find and buy suitable ones for home or business use at wholesale prices.

Advantages of a large plastic tray

A plastic tray can come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, with the plastic material made using a thermoformed process. A large plastic tray is made to withstand heavy loads. Some are shallow, and others deep, though they can be customized to match specific requirements. Plain trays are the most commonly used in homes, bars, and restaurants to serve food and drinks. Some tea-serving trays have decorations that add glamour and elegance and are commonly used in hotels. A large plastic compartment tray eliminates the stress of making several trips to the kitchen, where multiple dishes should be served to an individual in restaurants. Food is served at once on a single large tray. Also, large trays are easily stacked, creating stability and protection for the products inside and making them ideal for commercial or industrial use. Once the trays are stuck, they remain stable.

Uses of a large plastic tray

Farm produce such as unripe avocados, and strawberries can be delivered in extra large plastic trays to avoid cracking and squashing. Baked items such as cakes, bread, and scones can be transported safely in very large plastic trays without causing breakage or damage. Ripe fruits can be packed in punnet and arranged in a plastic tray. Doing this helps reduce the damages and costs that bruises and squashing can cause. Plastic tray reduces the smudging and squashing of farm produce thrown on the bare floor of a van. Fruits such as ripe mangoes and vegetables can go messy when placed on top of one another on the floor of a van. It is also unhygienic and poses risks of attracting diseases.

A large plastic tray with lip is also ideal for serving food and drinks at home or in bars and food selling points. Waiters and waitresses can use large plastic trays with sides to carry foodstuff and drinks while serving at the joints. As for a large plastic tray for plants, it is UV and water-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor planting. Large plastic trays for plants can be used on indoor plants or flowers as humidity trays. The tray can also be used as a hydroponic planter, allowing one to grow small plants and flowers for home or business. These trays can act as water collectors when placed under indoor plants that require watering. Pet lovers can purchase large shallow plastic trays when looking for large plastic trays for dog crates for convenience in regular cleaning and other uses.