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What is a louvered window?

A louvered window is a very specific window design that controls the amount of light and air that enters the window through a series of narrow blades that can be rotated or angled. By adjusting the angle of the blades, it is possible to control the light and ventilation in the room, thus regulating the temperature and humidity in the room. Lowes louvered windows stand out for their unique functionality and aesthetic appeal.

A wide range of louvered windows

Types of louvered windows can be categorized according to material, form, and usage scenario.

According to the material, the louvered windows can be divided into aluminum louvered windows, which are waterproof, moistureproof, fireproof, and not easy to rust and deformation, with long service life and sunlight resistance. Generally, every space is suitable for installation. There are also zinc steel shutters, which are not only easy to install, good insulation effect, and more colorful, with good decorative, and are cost-effective. Suitable for installation in all rooms, users who want to buy metal and feel that aluminum alloy is too expensive can choose zinc steel shutters. PVC shutters have excellent waterproof and moistureproof effects. In addition, there are wooden louvered windows, bamboo wood shutters, plastic shutters, glass louvered windows, and other different materials of shutters.

According to the form, shutters can be divided into horizontal louvered windows, which are suitable for small windows; vertical louvered windows and folding shutters, which are commonly used for large windows; and sliding shutters, which are mainly suitable for outward-opening windows.

How to clean louvered windows

If the louvered windows are dusty, dust them with a chicken feather duster or a thin stick. If the louvered windows have oil stains, pour the right amount of detergent into a large enough container and soak the entire louvered window in it for some time. After the detergent has loosened the dirt and grease stuck to the blinds, rinse them several times with water. Then, take them out again and finally dry them. In the case of louvered windows with screens, it needs to remove the screens first and clean them separately. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves while cleaning, soak old louvered windows in a professional window cleaner, and scrub each slat of the shutters. Then wipe off any residue from the cleaner and let them air dry or wipe dry to keep them shiny for a long time. If to clean the drawstrings of the curtains, use a soft-bristled brush. If the curtains are dirty, it's best to clean them with a cloth dipped in detergent dissolved in warm water or wipe them with a small amount of ammonia solution.