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A magnetic drill is a drilling equipment with a built-in magnetic base. Magnetic drill press has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, safety, energy conservation, and easy operation. Slugger mag drill is suitable for various fields, such as steel structures, shipbuilding, equipment manufacturing, equipment installation, bridge engineering, oil drilling platforms, power construction, railway manufacturing, etc.

The working principles of magnetic drills

The working principle of magnetic drills is mainly based on the electromagnetic principle. The mag drill bits are adsorbed on the surface of the workpiece through the action of a magnetic field, and then the motor drives the drill bits to rotate, completing drilling. Magnetic drill mainly consists of two parts: magnetic base and drill.

The magnetic base can stabilize the magnetic drill machine. After being powered on, magnetic drills generate thousands of kilograms of magnetic attraction force, which is perpendicular to the bottom surface of the magnetic base, making it firmly adhere to the surface of the steel plate. The stronger the magnetic attraction force is, the more stable the electromagnetic drill is, and the higher the accuracy is.

The drill consists of a fixed part and a moving part. The fixed part is used to control the motor, such as the speed regulation switch. On the other hand, the moving part includes a black motor, bracket, and drill bit. The entire movement is achieved by manually rotating the bracket. Turn on the switch, and the rotor inside the machine motor rotates at high speed. The transmission gear set drives the transmission shaft to rotate, driving the drill bit to rotate.

The types of magnetic drills

Magnetic drills achieve different functions by linking different pivot drill bits. The bits are mainly core drill bits and twist drill bits. Among them, the diameter of the core drill bits ranges from 12mm to 120mm. Their head is circular and has no spiral pattern. They can directly punch through the steel plate. While the diameter of twist drill bits is 1mm to 32mm. The head of the twist drill bits is in a spiral shape.

According to the body shape, magnetic drills can be divided into horizontal type and vertical type. Horizontal magnetic drills have a large volume. Therefore, they are not commonly used. On the other hand, vertical magnetic drills are also known as small mag drills and portable magnetic drills. Compared with horizontal magnetic drills, they are lighter and generally weigh no more than 25 kilograms. They have handles and can be utilized in outdoor or high-altitude operations.