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A metal gate is more than a movable hinged barrier in a fenced area. This metallic structure defines the entry and exit points on a property. Along with the fence, a gate secures the property from intruders and trespassers. It controls the entry and exit of people to and from an area enclosed with walls. It can be manual or automated. A manual gate may have a latch for opening, closing, or preventing it from swinging. Most metal driveway gates come automated for automatic operation. Gates can also be for aesthetics as they complement the property's landscaping and enhance the curb appeal. Shop at for an extensive selection of metal gates for sale.

Types of metals used for gates

Manufacturers use various metals to craft metal fences and gates. Some of the most common options include iron, steel, and aluminum. Iron metal gates come in two categories. These include cast iron and wrought iron gates. Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron. It is ideal for heavy-duty metal gates due to its rigid characteristics. Aluminum is a lightweight material, making it suitable for automated operation. Considering its ultra-light design, aluminum is also ideal for applications that require larger gates since it is easy to open and close.

Benefits of metal gates

Metal gates have numerous benefits over other materials. For instance, a steel gate can be a suitable option for enhancing security. Its robust design makes it an appropriate choice for reinforcing the security of any property. Besides, they are easy to maintain since they can withstand weather conditions and environmental elements. Homeowners only need to clean their outdoor metal gates with soapy water to remove dirt and mud. Besides, most metal gates are rust-resistant, with a powdered coating to prevent corrosion.

Metal gate styles and designs

A metal fence gate comes in different designs and styles. The flat top is a modest metal gate design. It features a straight, horizontal upper rail, giving the gate a rectangular shape. The arched top gate has a gradual sweeping arch on the upper rail, hence its name. This style is suitable for double swing gates, thanks to its traditional, elegant appearance. The arched top gate with finials is similar to the arched top gate. However, the finials or pickets overlap, extending above the upper rail for enhanced aesthetics. There are also open and sheeted gates to choose from. As the name suggests, sheeted gates have a metal sheet covering on one or both sides, which enhances privacy. On the other hand, open gates lack a metal sheet covering, and most of them are lighter and easier to install. Aside from these designs, custom metal gates are available to fit unique needs and specifications.