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Metal Press Machine

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It is suitable for the press fitting and stretch forming of metal and plastic products as well as the movements of coining and overprinting. Also, it is suitable for the molding of plastic products, such as DMC and BMC. The drawing device can be added to this equipment in order to change moulds easily.

- JH21 c frame single crank press, capacity from 25ton to 400ton. - JW31 H frame single crank press, capacity from 110ton to 400ton. - JW36 H frame double crank press, capacity from 110ton to 500ton.

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About products and suppliers:

You can perform any type of task with your hydraulic presses thanks to their different tonnage. Available in different sizes, you can choose from a 6-ton, 12- ton, or metal press machine. If you are looking for a bench-top press, you can opt for the 6-ton one. The rest are floor-standing modes and weigh around 100 pounds. Wholesale metal press machine products are compact yet apply large amounts of pressure. They are a good choice for blacksmiths as they are useful for specific tasks.

You can buy a metal press machine based on the type of frame it has. H-frame is adjustable compared to its C-frame counterpart that is usually used for lower-powered bench top presses. Wholesale metal press machine frames are sturdy enough to handle the pressure exerted by the press. They are also joined together by springs, which boosts their flexibility. The bolster of the press is adjustable and can be moved up and down to accommodate different-sized workpieces. If you are looking for larger bolster space, you should opt for the floor-standing models.

With an ability to be moved up to seven inches, metal press machine pistons allow for enough space for work involving stamping, bearing, or bending. Being a versatile tool, this is an important feature when shopping for your next press. Additionally, metal press machine come with accessory plates to hold your workpiece. Other accessories include dwell timers, ejection knockouts, and pressure reversal hydraulic switches to mention a few. For all hydraulic press needs, head to Alibaba.com and shop from recommended suppliers.