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Mobile home tires are specialized tires designed to cover long distances when transporting mobile homes, utility trailers, campers, or boats. These mobile home wheels and tires have different types of design styles, and their sizes vary for distinctive needs and conditions.

Distinctive design styles of mobile home tires

There are mainly three kinds of design styles that are utilized by mobile home tires, which are radial tires, bias tires, and specialty tires. Each sort of them has its own features. Radial tires are those designed for highway use; they provide a smooth ride, and they are good at traction and have a long tread life. As for the bias tires, they are outlined for off-road use. They are the type that is less common than radial tires, and regularly, they are less expensive than radial tires. However, these bias tires can run faster and usually give a rougher ride for the passengers. Apart from the above two designs, there are specialty tires as well. These tires are used in some specific situations, such as boat trailers or heavy-duty commercial trailers. Normally, they are more costly than radial and bias tires, but they offer upgraded strength and performance.

Sizes of mobile home tires

As for the mobile home tire size, 15 and 16 inches are planned to be the common sizes for mobile home tires. For wheels at this size, the common tire sizes incorporate ST205/75R15, ST225/75R15, ST235/80R16, and ST235/85R16. These sizes increment in both distance across and width, and as they get bigger, the handle rating of the tire increments. However, mobile home tire sizes are not constrained to 15 and 16 inches. There is a bounty of applications for smaller tires, such as 13 and 14 inches for smaller trailers like boat trailers and light-duty trailers. Apart from that, there are also 17.5- and 19.5-inches tires for heavy-duty trailers and 22.5- and 24.5-inches tires for commercial use.

Materials utilized to make a mobile home tire

A mobile home tire is formed by two parts: the surface and the rim. Two materials are needed to make mobile home tires and rims: rubber and metal. The surface of the mobile home tire is made of rubber, which is affordable. It is a versatile material and can either be made hard or soft, and it is quieter than other materials, so it is suitable to tackle loud noises. The rim of the mobile home tire is usually made of metal, which is strong and durable for supporting the loads people put on it. Mobile home tires with rims together form up component, which is useful in transportation and daily life.