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Gemstones are cut into several shapes to be used as ornaments for jewelry like necklaces, wristwatches, engagement, and wedding rings. Bulk gemstone beads are used for jewelry and are naturally hard. However, there are gemstones that are too soft, and so they are kept in museums, or as collector items.

Uses of gemstones

Gemstones are not only kept for their beauty or rarity. There are gemstones that are associated with spiritual movements. These gemstones are often considered to have healing abilities. There are also gemstones that are associated with birthdays. These gemstones are called Birthstones because of their association with particular months. Gemstones come in various colors and shapes. Gemstones are commonly confused with precious stones like diamonds. However, Gemstones are considered semi-precious, and they are not as valuable as diamonds.

There are two main types of gemstones – natural gemstones and lab-made gemstones. Natural gemstones are sometimes treated to increase their clarity and color. This is done through heating. Lab-made gemstones are artificially made and their quality is still high. However, they are not as rare as natural gemstones and this makes them significantly cheaper than natural gemstones.

How to select gemstones?

When buying gemstones, there are different factors people consider depending on what their aims are. People looking to buy gemstones for fashion purposes look at the four main factors – cut, carat, color, and clarity. People who are buying gemstones for healing or mystical purposes tend to consider the color and cut. They might also look at whether the gemstone is associated with a birth month.

The price of a gemstone depends on its quality and its design. Genuine crystal beads tend to be more expensive than lab-made gemstones. The price of wholesale semi-precious gemstone necklaces and rings costs between $1 -$10. There are gemstones that cost between $20 - $50. Stocking a range of bulk wholesale beads gems at different price points might be a good option for meeting the different customer needs.

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